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Why Your Garden Could Help You Sell Your House

~ When most people are getting ready to sell their house, they start thinking of all the things they have to do, pack, declutter and organize inside the dwelling.


Fixing the floors, wall cracks, painting old cracked walls, renovating bathrooms and kitchen to boost the value and fixing up any loose ends that have been getting put off for years.


Of course, decluttering and donating the items that you no longer wish to carry on with you to the future, serves a great purpose to a very new start. Freshly discovered empty shelves will look attractive and spacious to the new home buyers. Who knows, your house will be able to sell faster when the potential buyer envisions themselves inside your ready to move in, loving home.

veggie garden with fireplace

However, the one area of the house that often gets overlooked is the garden.


Yet, the garden is actually one of the easiest places to maintain, despite people’s perception that it is overly time-consuming and expensive. The thing with a garden is, it is supposed to be the serene and enjoyable space where your soul regenerates itself. Witnessing the miracle of growing edibles and other plants is truly appealing to most people and could actually be a pretty crucial factor in helping to sell your house. 


The Very First Thing People See

The curb appeal is the first thing that people see when approaching your home. When buyers walk up or drive by your property, the initial impression is solidified by the landscape that greets them. Hopefully, the landscape and territory look manicured and well-taken care of for the upcoming house listing. Before anyone enters your own home, the outside impression will be set subconsciously. Believe it or not, many costumes are turned away prior to even entering the property if it does not look maintained. They do drive away without giving your house a chance. Unkept bushes, dead branches, messy grass will not reflect well on you as a house owner at all and the way your home looks inside will not matter at that point.  If you don’t have time to take care of the outside yourself, then it’s easy enough to bring someone in who can organize the grass to be cut and even arrange some tree removal if needed. Just yesterday, our lawn people had to cut the hanging dead palm branches that we could never reach. Good thing such services are available. 


It boosts the value:

A house with a garden – no matter how big or small will always have a higher value. First, since it was your initial investment in the landscape materials and dirt. Second, the structure that is established already will ease up the future buyer’s efforts in redesigning the property. Third, since the garden is readily available they can readily plant their choice of crops and enjoy the grounding and serenity of the land that comes with the property. It sure was a big factor for me deciding what home to purchase and if the land had a garden possibility or an established structure already.

girlanddog in the garden

It Will Appeal To Families

Families with kids will especially be more interested in a garden because it’s perfect for children to play and teach how to grow your own food and eat organically at the same time. That is how my first garden got established. When my son just started to walk, our first tomato crops were planted, so he can rip the ripe fruits during his outside play and have a nutritious snack at the same time. Moreover, we took more trips outside of the house wall structures to breath fresh air and check on the garden. I think its a great activity and addition to any home.


It Allows A New Owner Take A New Hobby

Many people love the idea of having a place where they can grow their own vegetables, herbs, and a garden allows them to do this, so they’ll be interested in buying a place where they can envision themselves taking up such hobbies.

Love this Herbal maze garden. My new inspiration for the future.

Have a very green day, my dear friends.


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33 thoughts on “Why Your Garden Could Help You Sell Your House

  1. Well, the garden certainly makes the house for me, although buying a house with no garden could be seen as a blank canvas for those who like the challenge of painting with flowers!

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  2. A great post.

    A lot of people in the UK (including my neighbours) have no interest in their gardens, sadly.

    One of the first things we did when we moved in was dig up all the lawns to make flower beds, and install a pond. A visitor pointed out that we had effectively made our house un-sellable by installing things that non-gardeners would regard as high maintenance.

    The funny thing is that we can maintain our garden with an hour or two of weeding and pruning at a weekend, whereas one of our neighbour’s is out with his lawnmower for two hours three times a week…

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    1. Michael, I am not so sure if its so. But I do come from my own neck of the woods, where the home has to have space for the future garden or better yet have a ready one installed. I thik more and more people finding joy outside and gravitate towards nature. So perhaps its the thing of the future?

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  3. All good advice Luda. We had our property here in the UK for sale at the end of last year, however the market is dead. We had only three viewings and no offers. The garden looked great, we spent a lot of time getting it just so. We were looking for a new home and yes if the garden was neglected we were not impressed! So far everything is on hold till spring.

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