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Beautify Your Yard In The Winter

~ Seasons change in most areas of the world and some homes have their plants hybernating throughout the Winter months.


Whether you have small or large properties or living space, the gardening space tends to be limited in many cases. You might adore your house, but find the lack of outside space a little challenging, especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors when the weather is warm and comforting. While you will not be able to change the size of the actual space, there are things you can do to make the outside space more usable and appear a bit bigger. Here are some ideas.


Find The Right Furniture

In a small yard, you do not have all the space in the world for a giant table, chairs and different garden furniture, such as gazebos. My backyard can store many pieces of furniture, but my preference is to have the gaze stretch directly to the green plants. It’s quite empty for some, but perfect for me. If you want to have friends over for barbeques or enjoy eating out in the garden with your family, when it is warmer outside, then a table and chairs or a picnic bench is a good option. If you mainly use the space for relaxing, you could purchase a bistro set for you or better yet a garden swing. Pop on some brightly colored patio cushion covers to add a bit of color and personality to space. I love the idea of looking for pillows. Have been checking out local stores lately, but that requires lots of driving and time. Last week, I went to three different stores to check the options, and most of the desired choices were available only online. Good thing the internet is right in the house for all the shopping choices.


Choose Light Colored Flooring And Decor

Light colored flooring will reflect the sunshine and generally make a small space feel bigger. After numerous research about the yard designs, I keep finding that the new trend is light, white or creamy walls, carpets, tiles, floors, bathrooms, and even kitchen cabinets. If your flooring is currently concrete but it’s in good condition, you might be able to get away with just painting it, using a concrete paint designed for the outdoors. If it looks patchy, messy and generally unappealing then consider laying some patio slabs. These will even everything out, especially when you choose a nice light color.


Fill Your Pots With Color

Of course, the yard will benefit from colored flowers, blooms, and greenery. If it is cold in your region, the fir tree branches will add the green ambiance to the containers for a long time. That is a quick and easy way to make your porch and garden space look brighter and more attractive.

Light Garden Atmosphere Color Evening Nature

Utilize The Walls

When you do not have much floor space, consider going upwards! Utilize the walls, as a way to add interest, texture, color, and simple fun. A large garden mirror can make any space feel twice bigger than before, and possibly more luxurious. You could also fit trellis and grow some climbing roses, vines or mount some hanging baskets and fill them with pretty blooms, or edibles such as strawberry plants.  You could add solar strings of lights along fences and roofs for a fun and decorative feature.

Sunset Magazine

Consider A Water Feature

A small water feature can give any yard a wow factor, including serenity and zen sensation when visualized. The trickles of water can help to mask any outside sounds such as traffic, highways, someone else’s pets, wild animals and people. Since homes with smaller gardens tend to be in more built-up areas, this is definitely something to consider.


Does your home have a garden or any plant features? What have you done to make space more colorful?

Make it a very green day, my dear friends.


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18 thoughts on “Beautify Your Yard In The Winter

  1. Wow. Im loving every idea here most especially the small water feature. The picture with the watering thing by the steps (I’m not so sure what it is called) is so pleasing to look at. Utilising the wall would not only save space but it adds to the decor as well.


  2. Great tips Luda! I have a small yard and have done my best to make it feel bigger – some of the walls are painted cream, I have a small table and chairs and a small solar powered water feature. Last year I got a passionflower plant to do some climbing in the corner, this year I’m hoping to get some old-fashioned climbing roses.

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