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3 Store Cupboard Ingredients That Are Great For Your Garden

~ Everyone has a cupboard in their kitchen that is full of different ingredients. We have things to use for baking and cooking that stay there for months or years. A well-stocked store cupboard can save you when you need to rustle up something to eat, but did you know it may also be a… Continue reading 3 Store Cupboard Ingredients That Are Great For Your Garden

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Herb Garden – Start With ONE

~ Growing your herbs can be an enriching experience. Not only can you enjoy the fresh, flavorful herbs in your cooking, but you can also benefit from the natural healing powers of herbs through teas and essential oils. This blog post will discuss some tips and benefits of starting your herb garden.  Via Pixabay Prepare… Continue reading Herb Garden – Start With ONE

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Great Ways to Make the Most of Your Garden

~ A garden is like the cherry on the cake when it comes to a home. If you have a great outside space where you love spending time when the weather is nice, this can really enhance your sense of well-being and improve your quality of life. However, the garden does not suddenly become a… Continue reading Great Ways to Make the Most of Your Garden

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How To Improve The Appearance Of A Garden

~ The garden is sadly an area of the home that can often go untouched and unloved by many households. For those that do not necessarily enjoy gardening, at least there are a few small tasks that can be done that can instantly uplift the green space and should not require too much effort. With… Continue reading How To Improve The Appearance Of A Garden

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Strong and Healthy Lawn

Source - CC0 License ~Your lawn is the foundation of your garden. Having a green and healthy lawn requires a lot of care and attention, but also it’s about giving it the right things. Here are a few key components to ensure that you are growing a strong lawn. Testing the Soil Sowing the seeds… Continue reading Strong and Healthy Lawn

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Keep Your Garden Neat And Tidy

~ A well-manicured garden is a source of pride for any homeowner. It can be a beautiful addition to your property and can boost your home's curb appeal. However, keeping your garden neat and tidy all year round can be daunting. The following blog will provide tips that will help you keep your garden looking… Continue reading Keep Your Garden Neat And Tidy

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Wonderful Hacks to Make Your Garden Better in 2022

~ There are so many wonderful things that you can do to make your garden better this year. Enhancing your home's outside ambiance should be a fun activity that feeds your soul. Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com Lawn Maintenance Consistent lawn maintenance would really help the yard look fresh and alive without whilt or… Continue reading Wonderful Hacks to Make Your Garden Better in 2022

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Brought to you by Luda Hiekin .Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value? Energy efficiency is a growing concern among homeowners, and solar panels are a well-known resource in improving efficiency and helping the environment. The amount of money a homeowner can save by using solar power is attractive enough, but how do solar panels affect… Continue reading January 2022 REAL ESTATE NEWS

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Spring Time Garden Prep

~Spring time is not so far away. We have to think ahead and properly plan for the future. March is coming sooner than you think. Photo by Julian Paolo Dayag on Pexels.com Are You Getting Enough Sunlight? Stop and Observe how much sunlight your garden area is getting. Is there enough sunlight? How many hours… Continue reading Spring Time Garden Prep

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Peacock Surprise

~ These gorgeous birds illuminated the street while I was showing the community and homes. Nature is spectacular. Just look at the feather colors. So Magnificent. They appear to be somewhat mischievous too 🙂 If you hear foot steps on the roof - it just might be the peacock. Have a wonderful day, my dear… Continue reading Peacock Surprise

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December 2021 REAL ESTATE NEWS

Growing Your Winter Herb Garden ~ Now that Winter weather has descended on much of the country, there are still loads of things a homeowner can grow to keep the freshest of ingredients available for winter culinary adventures.Basil, chives, mints (there are so many kinds) and parsley are just a few herbs that do very… Continue reading December 2021 REAL ESTATE NEWS

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Tidy Up a Messy Garden

~ Making your garden a lot more functional and easier to enjoy for yourself and your whole family is quite easy- simply make it tidier. Image Source - CC0 License Don’t Cut Corners on Weed Removal When it comes to having weeds removed from the garden, its best to finish what you started. You want… Continue reading Tidy Up a Messy Garden

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Dream Garden is Closer Than You Think

~ Anyone with a garden will likely have a vision in mind that reflects their green dream. This could be lots of colorful plants, a garden full of growing vegetables, or somewhere to host parties. Whatever your garden goal is, it is possible to achieve it with regular maintenance and enough love.  Photo by Enric… Continue reading Dream Garden is Closer Than You Think


Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Enjoy your time with family and friends on this wonderful day of gratefulness and togetherness. Wishing you a harvest of blessings, good health and good times. And of course, I am beyond grateful to be of service to all of you. Thank you for your support, friendship and trust.I hope you have a beautiful… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!



~ It's getting chilly out there! Even here in Florida. If you have been thinking that your fireplace could use a facelift, there is no time like the present. Here are a few suggestions on how to give your fireplace a makeover before the coldest days of the year set in, so you can enjoy… Continue reading FRESHEN UP YOUR FIREPLACE