Thanksgiving Thoughtfulness

~ I appreciate you📍you rock 📍you are awesome📍thanks for coming by📍so kind📍you are so welcome📍blessings 📍much obliged📍you don’t know how happy you’ve made me📍so kind of you📍I am so grateful📍thank you for never letting me down📍thanks for everything📍you are precious 📍you are so thoughtful📍do you know how fabulous you are📍you are so kindhearted📍thanks for being you📍thanks… Continue reading Thanksgiving Thoughtfulness

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3 Must-Have Outdoor Features

~  If you were granted a wish to add any additional feature to your yard, what would it be? Here is my list of a couple of extra features that I would not mind having outside. Water One of the best things you can do to enjoy your outdoor surroundings is to add a water… Continue reading 3 Must-Have Outdoor Features

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Garden Plumbing Benefits

~ If you are a keen gardener who takes great pride in your plants, some basic plumbing in the garden can really improve the looks and progress of your plants. Whether you want to improve access to a tap for watering the plants, improve the look of your lawn, or lay some more complex pipework… Continue reading Garden Plumbing Benefits

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4 Things To Consider When Creating An Indoor Garden

~ If you do not have a garden outside, or if you simply want to adopt green living plants, it makes sense to create your very own indoor garden.  To get you started, here are a few useful ideas. 1. Consider Plant Varieties What is your final goal when you envision home plants? Do you… Continue reading 4 Things To Consider When Creating An Indoor Garden