Thanksgiving Thoughtfulness

~ I appreciate you📍you rock 📍you are awesome📍thanks for coming by📍so kind📍you are so welcome📍blessings 📍much obliged📍you don’t know how happy you’ve made me📍so kind of you📍I am so grateful📍thank you for never letting me down📍thanks for everything📍you are precious 📍you are so thoughtful📍do you know how fabulous you are📍you are so kindhearted📍thanks for being you📍thanks for being here📍thanks for commenting📍you mean so much📍thank you for taking your time out to be here📍you made me happy📍so grateful📍too kind📍what a fantastic comment📍has anyone said how wonderful you are today📍I love when you’re here📍I’m very grateful📍you always make me smile📍wow📍your comment is breathtaking📍I am indebted to you📍the feeling is mutual📍the sun shines when you’re here📍your answer is amazing📍you blow me away📍thanks for your kindness📍how good are you? Do you know?📍you’re so welcome📍you inspired me📍I am grateful📍thank you my good friend📍

I found these loving words on the WorldWideWeb and felt cozy inside.


Do you thank people that are sharing kindness and emitting joy? Do you offer the world what you wish to return right back to you?

This year has been a pivotal transition in my professional career and personal growth. I am thankful to all the people that entered my life and supported me, improved it, inspired me to be better, offered kindness, wisdom and simply made this world a better place.

What have you, my friends, done this year to make a lasting impression on others? Please share, for kindness has no bounds.


Make it a beautiful day and a better day for others, my dear friends.


The photographs listed here do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com


Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday Season

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