Thanksgiving Thoughtfulness

~ I appreciate you📍you rock 📍you are awesome📍thanks for coming by📍so kind📍you are so welcome📍blessings 📍much obliged📍you don’t know how happy you’ve made me📍so kind of you📍I am so grateful📍thank you for never letting me down📍thanks for everything📍you are precious 📍you are so thoughtful📍do you know how fabulous you are📍you are so kindhearted📍thanks for being you📍thanks… Continue reading Thanksgiving Thoughtfulness

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This Cup Is Mine Now

~ Friendship is like a sheltering tree.” — Samuel Taylor Coleridge   This post is a follow up to this month flower cup quest. My dear friends, I thank you for all the encouragement I got to look for this special flower lady cup. Unfortunately, since I was out of the airport, where I first… Continue reading This Cup Is Mine Now

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Be Kind

~Isn't that simple? Simply Be Kind. It is contagious. A fascinating feature of kindness is that it self-replicating and inspiring kindness in others. When we ourselves perform an act of kindness, this is likely to encourage others to act in a similar way. One study conducted at Cambridge University found that seeing someone else helps… Continue reading Be Kind


Trader Joe’s Kindness

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~Mark Twain~ What a blessing it is to experience random acts of kindness. Kindness passes on and influences humanity in the most serene ways. Every small act of kindness we perform has the potential to make a huge difference in someone’s… Continue reading Trader Joe’s Kindness