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Be Kind

~Isn’t that simple? Simply Be Kind. It is contagious.


A fascinating feature of kindness is that it self-replicating and inspiring kindness in others. When we ourselves perform an act of kindness, this is likely to encourage others to act in a similar way.

One study conducted at Cambridge University found that seeing someone else helps another person produced good feelings, which subsequently caused them to reach out and do something altruistic themselves.

Psychology today online magazine pointed out that research has shown the positive consequences of kindness on numerous aspects of our wellbeing, including a greater life satisfaction,Β interconnectedness with others, wisdom, curiosity, happiness, andΒ optimism.

When we are kind, we help make our world a kinder place to live in.

Happiness Children Friendship Hands Fun Friends

Most of all,Β be kind to Yourself.

Until next time, my dear friends.


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55 thoughts on “Be Kind

  1. It’s so true. When has someone being kind to us ever felt “bad” Well, I take that back. It will make us feel bad if they are being kind and we haven’t been kind. Does that make sense? Like we just snipped at someone, and they reply with kindness. But otherwise kind is always a good feeling, giving and receiving it πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh, gosh. This took me more than 40 years to acnolwedge so you are not alone. And as I prograss practice compassion to myself, the world seems more kinder. My dear Margaret, today, I would love for you to do 3 things for yourself that only you will benefit from. Let me know what you think. This will be an act of kindess that I wish to pass on to you. (And so sorry for the late response-had no computer around for days).

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    1. Hi PIP. They sing in their baritones that is measured with instruments. They heal us and ground us to make us balanced. And as a reward to our kindness they sprout with flowers. Sort of as a foreign languatge and healing at the same time.


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