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Wonderful Hacks to Make Your Garden Better in 2022

~ There are so many wonderful things that you can do to make your garden better this year. Enhancing your home's outside ambiance should be a fun activity that feeds your soul. Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com Lawn Maintenance Consistent lawn maintenance would really help the yard look fresh and alive without whilt or… Continue reading Wonderful Hacks to Make Your Garden Better in 2022

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Morning Walk Beauty

Make it a beautiful day, my dear friends. Luda@PlantsandBeyond.com Image here belongs to Luda ­čÖé

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Ways to Bring Plant Life Into Your Home

~ Not only do plants help make a home feel more inviting and alive, but they also offer other numerous benefits. Aside from being easy on the eyes, indoor plants can purify the air and reduce stress levels by releasing oxygen into the air. Not to mention, they are great for your health! Here are… Continue reading Ways to Bring Plant Life Into Your Home

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Plumeria Flowers

Beautiful colorful flowers brighten everyone's day. ~ Make it a beautiful day. ­čĆÁ Until next time, dear friends. Luda@PlantsandBeyond­čî┐ Photographs listed here do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com ┬ęPlantsandBeyond.  

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Little to No Space Gardening

~ Gardening is a fantastic hobby, whether you like flowers, vegetables, herbs, or succulents. While it is wonderful if you have plenty of space for gardening, not everyone is so fortunate. You might be limited in space but still, have the desire to grow things in your home.┬á Whether you have a tiny yard or… Continue reading Little to No Space Gardening


Avocados Anyone?

~ My love, my backyard avocado tree is bearing fruit this year. Not thousands, but a few. So grateful it revived and sharing joy with my family.┬á I kiss it and hug it and love it. In return it thrives.┬á Make it a very green day. ­čĆÁUntil next time, dear friends.Luda@PlantsandBeyond­čî┐Photographs listed here belong to… Continue reading Avocados Anyone?

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Fresh Start With Flower Containers

~ My front door Coleus beauty happily greets all of you on the very first day of 2019. Love, hugs, peace, and a sense of awe - that is what my plant baby sends to the world to all of you, my friends. Here is a little prep that went on a month ago and… Continue reading Fresh Start With Flower Containers

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Golden Shower Tree.

This idea came to me in a dream, MGM -┬áMonday garden feature┬á- a one-minute segment about what is cooking in the garden ­čÖé┬á­čî▒ Meet Caccia Fistula Tree that surprised us with these golden flowers that resembled trays of the sun. Hope this post Brightens your day as much as it did mine. MGM -did it… Continue reading Golden Shower Tree.

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Autumn Is A Second Spring

~Autumn is like a second spring when every leaf is a flower. May Your day be as colorful, bright and healing as nature outside, my dear friends. Luda@PlantsandBeyond­čî┐ The image listed here belongs to Luda┬á@PlantsandBeyond.com ┬ęPlantsandBeyond.com┬á­čî▒  

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House Plant Peperomia

Local Garden Shop lured me in to inquire about this baby Peperomia Plant. All peperomia plants, are semi-┬ásucculents with very similar care requirements. When growing a Peperomia, locate the plant in a medium to low light situation away from┬ádirect sun. The Peperomia is a perennial and a low shade loving houseplant.┬á It is an attractive… Continue reading House Plant Peperomia

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Unusual Flowers

~ Nature's beauty on display.┬á Sharing these beautiful and unusual flowers to brighten everyone's day, thanks to┬áModacil blog.   See the rest of them here: via Unusual Flowers ÔÇö Moda-Creative thinking Hope you have a very bright day, dear friends. Luda@PlantsandBeyond­čî┐ All photographs here do not belong to Luda┬á@PlantsandBeyond.com, but to Modacil. ┬ęPlantsandBeyond.com┬á┬á

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Letting Go

~Nature has a magic way of showing us how lovely it is to let things go. Make it a very meaningful day, my dear friends. Luda@PlantsandBeyond­čî┐ All photographs belong to Luda┬á@PlantsandBeyond.com ┬ęPlantsandBeyond.com┬á┬á

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Autumn Colorful Planter

~┬áColors are the smiles of nature.┬á ~Leigh Hunt. Still going strong, this porch planter, full of happy plants and colors. ­čî▒­ččî┐­ččî▒ Happy Weekend to all!­čî┐­čîĚԜǴŞĆ Have a wonderful, colorful and full of surprises weekend, my dear friends.ÔťĘ Luda@PlantsandBeyond.com­čî┐ The image here belongs to Luda┬á@PlantsandBeyond.com ┬ęPlantsandBeyond.com┬á­čî▒

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I love this so much and wanted to share. Beautiful, serene, green space and wise words by Mr. Mel. who always have something wise and peaceful to offer.

Life, more than existence!


Live as though you are not living for you but through you.

mr mel

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Reviving Damaged Plants

Most gardeners feel deeply saddened when plants wilt, decline or worse yet, die. While Summer temperatures rise, the plants and flowers may suffer from lack of water, leaf sunburns and an excess amount of heat.┬á If your plants look like theyÔÇÖre on their last legs, please remember that appearances can be deceiving. As it happens,… Continue reading Reviving Damaged Plants