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Ways to Bring Plant Life Into Your Home

~ Not only do plants help make a home feel more inviting and alive, but they also offer other numerous benefits. Aside from being easy on the eyes, indoor plants can purify the air and reduce stress levels by releasing oxygen into the air. Not to mention, they are great for your health! Here are six inexpensive ways you can bring plant life into your home today:

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Find Plants for Your Lifestyle

If you’re looking for an easy way to add greenery, try live plants from a local neighborhood store. You will find everything from tiny herbs to large succulents that are perfect for any room. Fresh cut flowers will also do the trick if they are kept in water and have enough light. They can last anywhere between one and two weeks!

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Green Up Your Bedroom

Start with your bedding. Skip the comforter and go for a lighter blanket to allow more airflow from underneath. It also helps create a cleaner sleep environment when you wash it regularly!

Use plants in containers as part of your décor by placing them on any flat surface like dressers or nightstands, rather than the floor. Use your plants to purify and freshen up the air in your bedroom by adding them near a window or vent, as well as using an oil diffuser with essential oils such as lavender for relaxation. 

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Start an Indoor Kitchen Garden

Start with a herb garden and add any plants that you enjoy cooking or eating. It will not only be an inexpensive addition to your kitchen, but it also adds color. 

Next, try adding vegetables to your indoor garden. It can be a little more expensive upfront, but it’s worth the investment when you can see the end products in such a small amount of space!

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Handmade Pots

If you’re looking for an easier way to create a pot, try using these molds that are available at most stores! They can be used with clay or soil and will give the perfect shape every single time. In addition, you can use handmade planters to add to the beauty and design of the mini garden.

If you’re looking for a way to add some more color to your life, consider painting them. You can paint pots with any colors or pattern that you want and create something new each time. For example, paint the outside of an old post instead of throwing it away. It’s simple enough to do since all you need is a paintbrush and a can of spray or acrylic.

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Trailing Plants

If you have a lot of hallway space or perhaps tall walls, try adding plants to the walls like ivy or creeping figs. It will create texture in an otherwise plain and uneventful area as well as add some color.

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Green Up The Bathroom

First, remove any products that are not natural or organic from your bathroom to minimize toxins entering the air. It can make a world of difference and start you on your journey to having a cleaner, safer home for yourself!

Next, add some plants to your bathroom area, whether a small succulent or ivy plant near the sink or an entire wall of green; adding as much life is always great when you have such limited space.

Hopefully, these tips will come in handy when choosing to bring plant life to your home.

Make it a very green day, my dear friends🌴


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2 thoughts on “Ways to Bring Plant Life Into Your Home

  1. I only have a few plants inside, just the right amount I can cope with and in places I see them often. Even then I do neglect the aloe which is in the window I don’t look out of often. Yet the plant loves me ignoring it, 🌵 and seems to thrive on being forgot (it’s gone huge).

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