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Create A Functional Garden Area

Gardening means different things to different people. Everyone has their own ideas of what their garden should be. What does the functional growing space looks like in your own perception?

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Decide on the purpose

What is the exact purpose of the garden you are trying to grow? We mentioned a couple of ideas above, but there are endless ideas, purposes and functions your garden can have. There is no right or wrong answer here, it all depends on your personal goals. What do you want your garden to do, produce or what kind of statement should it make? Figure this out, and it puts you in a good position to plan correctly for your upcoming project. 

Create designs beforehand

Good architects provide blueprints of the projects they are building and planning. The same goes for garden areas; work with a design-build landscaping company to draw up sketches of your functional garden. They will ensure that all the key functional elements are there and that your garden also remains aesthetically pleasing. This way, the brainstorming of multitude of ideas can ensure that you, as a homeowner, get exactly what you like. Isn’t it wise to check to see if the garden meets your vision or not? If something doesn’t nourish your soul, you can alter the designs until it does, rather than changing your garden and being unhappy with what is already there. This way, you will always be pleased with the finished product. So many times, I witness my clients not liking their landscape design. Its unsettling really, and they are not the experts of how their property supposed to look like either. It is nice to hear what the professional in the garden design has to offer.

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Maintain the functionality

It is very easy to create a functional garden area, but will it stay that way forever? We all know people that have installed patios in their garden to make it more functional for outdoor living. But, within a few months/years, poor patio maintenance has meant the garden loses its functionality. Weeds are everywhere, outdoor furniture is ruined, and nobody wants to go and enjoy outside. The same goes for gardens that are designed to grow things; poor maintenance could mean you are no longer able to grow anything.

Seeing personally clients and friends growing multitude of different things that do not really belong in the right location, season, even geographical area could be an issue and disappointment. Sometimes folks get all kinds of cute plants that they pare up together and they don’t do well either. Its much more favorable to plan a bit ahead and come out with the winning and loving growing patch that continues to nourish your soul.

Make it a green day, my dear friends,

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5 thoughts on “Create A Functional Garden Area

  1. I’ve seen some houses with poor patio maintenance! When we were shopping for houses in 2020 before we decided to stay where we are at, there was a house our agent took us to and it was decent inside but the patio was basically abused and neglected. I did not trust the inside of the house after seeing how they did not maintain their patio!

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    1. Wow, Tierney – That is so very helpful to know I always knew that it doesn’t work for the sellers favor if the patio or curb appeal is unkept – But you just shed the light exactly why – amazing! I thank you🙏🏼🤗🙏🏼

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  2. After 20 years, we are secure in our “forever” home. But the landscape, while green all these years was never planned out beyond my “vision”. Now, we are embarking on post-middle age, renovation of the outside. Using planning software (I’m a tech guy as well as green thumb), I’ve hired professionals to demo the old, and install the hardscape, irrigation, and electrical. I’ll handle the plant selection and upkeep. I agree with Tierney, though – if a home is for sale -and the outside looks rough, you can imagine what awaits inside.


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