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Sunset Magic

~ This nature's beauty was a divine gift after a long weekday.┬á Backyard magic allowed me to witness this serenity. Sharing this with friends. Until next time, dear friends. Luda@PlantsandBeyond­čî┐ Photographs listed here do not belong to Luda┬á ┬ęPlantsandBeyond.

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3 Simple Gardening Tips

~ Every growing plant starts with a seed, and every garden starts with a small dream.┬á ┬áFrom proving dreams to become your reality to making small steps towards the goals, your garden can become the outdoor oasis and the place of reprieve. Not one little dedicated area was a perfect garden spot from the very… Continue reading 3 Simple Gardening Tips

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Green and Red Serenity

~ Mesmerizing serenity meant to be shared. I can not stop staring. Ester loves to travel and capture such images via Green and red ÔÇö Travelling around the world Much love and peace to all of you. Make it a very green day.­čî┐ The images here do not belong to Luda┬á, but to Estersblog… Continue reading Green and Red Serenity

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Root Bound Porch Containers

~ Container Gardening adds so much color to your house appeal and your soul. Here is an example of an older creeping jenny plant that was purchased in the local nursery. The roots are all tight up and bundled together. Unfortunately, if the plant is not sold in time, the roots intertwine inside its original… Continue reading Root Bound Porch Containers


Never Have I Ever.

~ Never have I ever seen a black squirrel before. Sure I saw squirrels dressed bright orange in Kiev and plain grey in the USA, but never dressed in the black tuxedo. I literally did not believe my daughter, when she said to look at a "black squirrel". I thought she was a bit off… Continue reading Never Have I Ever.

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Autumn Is A Second Spring

~Autumn is like a second spring when every leaf is a flower. May Your day be as colorful, bright and healing as nature outside, my dear friends. Luda@PlantsandBeyond­čî┐ The image listed here belongs to Luda┬á ┬ę┬á­čî▒  

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Happy Friday To All

~Sharing a bit of Florida Sunshine with all of you guys.┬á Have an absolutely wonderfully bright and colorful day, my dear friends. Luda@PlantsandBeyond­čî┐ The image listed here belongs to Luda┬á ┬ę┬á­čî▒

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Happy Halloween From Florida Garden Center

~While picking up plants for the flower container gardening project, these colorful ceramic statues made an impression on me. I don't think I ever have seen such cuteness, especially in the Plant Garden Nurseries or centers.┬á Happy Halloween to everyone. Luda@PlantsandBeyond­čî┐ The photographs belong to Luda┬á ┬ę┬á­čî▒

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Letting Go

~Nature has a magic way of showing us how lovely it is to let things go. Make it a very meaningful day, my dear friends. Luda@PlantsandBeyond­čî┐ All photographs belong to Luda┬á ┬ę┬á┬á

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Autumn Colorful Planter

~┬áColors are the smiles of nature.┬á ~Leigh Hunt. Still going strong, this porch planter, full of happy plants and colors. ­čî▒­ččî┐­ččî▒ Happy Weekend to all!­čî┐­čîĚԜǴŞĆ Have a wonderful, colorful and full of surprises weekend, my dear friends.ÔťĘ­čî┐ The image here belongs to Luda┬á ┬ę┬á­čî▒

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Growing Apartment Plants

We all know that plants and flowers add life, freshness, texture, holistic ambiance and are the best way to┬ábrighten your outdoors. Nothing beats a splash of bright pink, purples, yellows, reds and blues throughout your flower containers. Sadly, in an age where more of us are opting to rent instead of buy, outside spaces are… Continue reading Growing Apartment Plants

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Happy Weekend To All

This yard made me stop and soak in the colors, sunshine, and beauty of flowers.   Have a wonderful and colorful weekend, my dear friends.­čî┐ All photographs belong to Luda┬á ┬ę┬á­čî▒  

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Edible Cranberry Hibiscus Shrub

It is so very nice to have kind and caring friends. It is a rarity nowadays to come across a genuine person. Although, a rarity of homegrown food should be a thing of the past and a way of wholesome life.┬á Yesterday, super fun, honest and sweet friend brought her own homegrown cranberry hibiscus for… Continue reading Edible Cranberry Hibiscus Shrub

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Meditation Morning Finds

MGM ÔÇô Monday Garden Minute.­čÉ× This idea came to me in a dream ÔÇô┬áMonday feature- a one-minute segment about what is happening in the garden┬á­čÖé┬á­čî▒ Backyard, front porch, lanai, outside world, anything that is pertinent to plant and nature kingdom is featured as a short segment on Mondays.­čŽÄ Morning blessings in disguise. The flowers┬áare┬ámessages from… Continue reading Meditation Morning Finds

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Garden Lessons From Public Parks

Thanks to community efforts, many city centers and towns have amazing outdoor parks. Some are basic green spaces, while others take the gardening game to new levels. They have daily gardeners, sprinkler systems, volunteers and pristine flowerbeds. Areas like these inspire visitors and plant lovers to create such eye pleasing beauty in their own homes.… Continue reading Garden Lessons From Public Parks