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3 Simple Gardening Tips

~ Every growing plant starts with a seed, and every garden starts with a small dream. 

 From proving dreams to become your reality to making small steps towards the goals, your garden can become the outdoor oasis and the place of reprieve. Not one little dedicated area was a perfect garden spot from the very beginning. What are some ways to make your dream garden a reality without becoming overwhelmed? Small steps will take you towards the desired goals. Let’s start small.


Make a Plan

Creating an oasis that represents you and your vision starts with a plan! Start narrowing down what you want to include in your garden. Maybe you would like all native plants or only an edible garden. Perhaps, you may want to include or avoid specific colors.  Yes, some people are strong in their preferences when it comes to color selection. (Check out this color theory for gardens if you are curious how to use specific hues in the garden.) 

After you have decided on colors, style of garden, and varieties of plants, sketch out a garden idea so that you can reference it as you continue building out your ideal space. Even if your area is small, it can be nice to look back on what you had intended so that you can use it for reference each season. 


Set Timers or Schedules

Gardening is not the type of project that allows you to do a huge amount of work, then leave it alone. Plants grow and need nutrients and watering, weeds inevitably creep in faster than your other plants seem to grow, and as seasons change, fruits need to be harvested or branches trimmed back, depending, of course, if you are growing fruits and vegetables or flowers. 

Instead of trying to remember the last time you did something in your garden, set a schedule. Try weeding specific days of the week, and limit your wedding to a set amount of time so that you can enjoy your garden without becoming frustrated. 

For things like maintaining proper moisture levels for plants, don’t just wing it. Instead, you can use timed sprinklers, or invest in an inexpensive soil moisture meter to know when to water your thirsty plants.

Here is one of my solutions. Last week I established a colorful front porch container for one of my clients. They look phenomenal, I might add. We added dripping timed small irrigation inside the containers.  Although the hanging baskets that I brought started wilting. I checked on them a week later and they were completely dry. From now on, I put the reminder in my own schedule to text the client so he will not forget. Ha! The client loves the prompts and flowers are doing well now.


Add Some Lighting

While you can’t beat sunlight as a source of lighting, illuminating your garden space with other light can turn your dark patio into a magical feeling place in the evening hours. For a beautiful set of illuminated options, look at our gallery, and instantly feel a little more at home. Outdoor lighting can include lighting pathways and change the color appearance of an aspect of your garden. With environmentally friendly lighting, you can show off your hard work at any hour of the day. Going for a fairy or ethereal garden? Hang some delightful string lights.

Light Garden Atmosphere Color Evening Nature
Light Garden Atmosphere Color Evening Nature

Gardening should be fun, not stressful!

With simple steps, you can turn your less-than-ideal outside area into a beautiful place to decompress. Gardening should not be a stressful hobby, so take tiny steps and you will have a beautiful yard in no time.


Have a very green day, my dear friends.


All photographs do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com


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