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Easy Small Space Gardens

~ Sometimes we only have a small area to allocate to the gardening hobby. This can be especially true if you live in an urban area. Quite often designing a small space is more demanding than working with a huge outside area. Especially if you wish to have to dine, relax, garden, sunbath or incorporate it all at once. 


One of the significant advantages of a small space is maintenance. You do not have a huge lawn to mow, watering can be done quickly, and you will have very few weeds to worry about. You can be far more creative too. Using furniture and lighting to add impact. 


A nice start should include a thorough cleaning of the designated gardening area. These parameters of the desired and ready to be developed space will give you a clear cut vision of what you have to work with and will help you in the design process. If you have a budget, it may be worth discussing your ideas with a specialist. Calloway’s Landscape Design service is an excellent example of what is available. If you want guidance through the planning process, get in touch with your local nursery. Sometimes, even I come to their advice, especially on flower combinations and color schemes.


 A great way to maximize your space is to use multileveled container ideas. This can give specific sections for dining and have a dramatic effect. You may think that you do not have much room for planters or that your garden will become too cluttered. You can solve this by installing a vertical garden. So many plants could be fitted into the multilayered assembly. Imagining the cascading flower plants and its fountain-like beauty trickling down makes me want to visit the local nurseries this weekend.


When it comes to furniture, look at folding tables or extendable tables. Just like you may have inside your dining room. These offer the perfect place for one or can be extended to sit up to four people. Additionally, instead of having bulky chairs, you could use floor cushions and rugs to allow your guests to sit with you. This can have a lovely impact and make evenings more intimate, cozy, and romantic. Perhaps even less formal.


Smaller areas do not have to be abandoned or go to waste: get creative, and turn your small outside area into a garden you and your friends can visit, relax in and enjoy each other company. With just a few days of putting some loving effort, you could be soaking in the sunrays, nature’s healing beauty with a glass of wine and your favorite book! 

Have a very green day, my dear friends.


All photographs do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com except for the vertical flower container image.



12 thoughts on “Easy Small Space Gardens

      1. Some color, edibles, things that do well with lots of heat and sun. I have a bakers rack with removable shelves for taller plants and some big pots for the floor. Part of the problems is finding places with plants they’ll sell through curbside pickup, since I’m still not going into stores. I did find some herbs this week, marigolds, and a sweet potato vine. I’ve now ordered some seeds, as well.


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