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Feed Your Garden The Right Way

~ Whether you are an avid gardener or just getting started, there are many ways you can make the most out of your garden using only the goodness that nature provides. It makes sense to rely on what the earth gives us to feed, nourish, and improve our plants and existence. Mother nature has a way of healing itself, and we should live in partnership with the blessings we are given. 


Plants act as a filtering system for the planet. Trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. Smaller plants and peat also absorb the harmful gasses found in our environment. To get the best environment for all living creatures, including ourselves, all we have to do is a little feeding and watering with suitable products for the particular vegetation. 


One of these easily obtainable products is readily available in or outside of our homes:


Water is vital for life. This includes our plant friends. Our planet has a limited resource of water supplies which we use for drinking and industry. We can collect our own water supply by investing in water rain barrels and using them to collect the rain that falls throughout the year. It’s incredibly surprising how much water you have, and most households will have more than enough to keep their entire garden watered all year round. Depending on the size of your home, you may need more than one. There are lots of options so do you research the best rainwater tanks for sale. They can work with your guttering system, or you could have freestanding units anywhere on your land. 


Feeding our plants means finding the right compost and soil. Many people will choose a peat-based soil. Peat will help absorb carbon dioxide, which makes it great eco gardening. Although utilizing the peat moss in our own gardens, affects the ecology and causes an issue for the wildlife and surrounding habitats. Peat comes from decomposed plant remains that have accumulated in waterlogged soils for thousands of years, and some people worry about diminishing peat bogs. 

Instead of opting for peat-based soil, you could use coir based soil instead. Coir is a waste product that comes from a process used in the preparation of coconuts. Made using the fibers of the nut it has all the positive effects of peat, without the damage to our environment. This type of soil does need to be shipped in. However, the companies that produce it say they have found innovative ways to reduce the impact of shipping on our planet. They believe that even with the travel, you will still significantly reduce your carbon footprint. I think this is a phenomenal new product that is safe and eco friendly. Moreover, it has a nearly ideal PH level and thus the planted plants have a higher chance to adopt.


Compost will provide your plants with all the nutrients they need. You can buy compost from nurseries, although the very best compost comes straight from your home. Using organic waste, you can save yourself money while supporting the planet. You can buy a composting bin, or you could build your own. The best time to make it is in the spring as this is when your waste will break down quicker. With the right system, you can have compost ready to use in the garden within three months. Some homemade systems will take up to 6 months for your compost to break down correctly. It might take a while to get it started, but once your first batch is ready, the rest will continue to mature as you go, so you will have a constant supply. 

Compost contains all the nutrients of the plants that you’ve used to make it. From vegetable peelings to grass cuttings. Everything you put in breaks down and becomes a nutrient-rich mulch. It also absorbs more water than most soils in our garden. So when you focus it around the root area of your plants, they will get more water at a better flow. It also improves the tilth of the soil. This helps air access the root, which leads to rapid growth. You will see your plants improve in strength and size. Compost also helps to turn nitrogen into a compound that plants can use to improve their overall health. 


Nature has given us so many solutions to a variety of problems, we just need to understand how to use them to make our home environment a better place. 

With a little research and inquiry, you can improve the way your garden works and reduce your impact on this planet’s ecosystem. As your plants will get all the nutrients, they will thank you with the plethora of color, flowers, leafage, and possibly fruit. 

Have a very green day, my dear friends.


All photographs do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com


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