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Root Bound Porch Containers

~ Container Gardening adds so much color to your house appeal and your soul.

Here is an example of an older creeping jenny plant that was purchased in the local nursery. The roots are all tight up and bundled together. Unfortunately, if the plant is not sold in time, the roots intertwine inside its original pot.



All you have to do is to shake the roots lose and score them with a knife, hand transplanter or travel. I prefer saying “bless them”. Make the indentation with your fingers or tools to separate the roots, in a cross-like motion and don’t be afraid to completely take out the root bottom. The opened space will promote further new root growth to allocate dirt minerals.




Have a wonderful, colorful and full of joy weekend, my dear friends.🌿

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18 thoughts on “Root Bound Porch Containers

  1. Wonderful tips about the root bound plant and how to deal with it Luda.. We had a small Christmas tree which had become pot bound and hubby repotted last Summer.. It came on leaps and bounds after looking very tired…
    Fabulous photos, I cannot wait for my tulips and daffs to grow, as i planted lots in several containers to put around our front garden..Roll on Spring!..
    Much love Luda.. ❤

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