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Happy Friday To All

~Sharing a bit of Florida Sunshine with all of you guys. 


Have an absolutely wonderfully bright and colorful day, my dear friends.


The image listed here belongs to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com

©PlantsandBeyond.com 🌱

49 thoughts on “Happy Friday To All

  1. Thanks for sharing your sunshine Luda. Clicked on like but my pic doesn’t come up & have clicked a couple of times. Hope you get this message from me Margaret


      1. My pleasure, Luda, and it’s fine by me. I actually have a few friends who call me DD! 😄

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      1. Oh I did – for 40 years – after severe snow storm❄️ and a broken brand new snowblower ☃️ in the first hour of use- enough was enough – that’s how we ended up in Florida :))) no more drastic season changes for me 💚🤗✨🤗💚

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      1. I actually tried to email you and couldn’t find the place to do so, thank you for beating me to it. You are dealing with so much, I was wondering where you have been. So very sorry for your accident. Could have benn much worse, right? Happy that this blog brings calm to your life. Rest, care and being in nature, will speed up your recovery. Lots of hugs, light and love.

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