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Autumn Colorful Planter

Colors are the smiles of nature. 

~Leigh Hunt.

Still going strong, this porch planter, full of happy plants and colors. 🌱🌸🌿🌸🌱

Happy Weekend to all!🌿🌷☀️


Have a wonderful, colorful and full of surprises weekend, my dear friends.✨🌿

The image here belongs to Luda

© 🌱

34 thoughts on “Autumn Colorful Planter

  1. Beautiful Luda,
    Nice to see your plants all grouped together in one planter.
    My plants are grouped together in seperate pots at the side of the front door with last year’s Angel plant (bought last winter) taking pride of place at the back. So far,so good but I will soon be bringing the geraniums back inside.
    Inside I mainly have green plants and hope my Christmas cactus flowers this year. I will be getting cyclamens to cheer things up.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend also Luda.
    Take care 🙂🤗🍁🌿💐🌼🌻🌺

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