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House Plant Peperomia

Local Garden Shop lured me in to inquire about this baby Peperomia Plant. All peperomia plants, are semi- succulents with very similar care requirements.


When growing a Peperomia, locate the plant in a medium to low light situation away from direct sun.

The Peperomia is a perennial and a low shade loving houseplant.  It is an attractive addition to a desk, a table or a windowsill. I just love the two colors that are featured in this garden center, and especially the round/oval leaves fool of texture and patterns.

Have a wonderful, colorful and full of surprises day, my dear friends.


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21 thoughts on “House Plant Peperomia

    1. Peperomia plants grow well in the medium, indirect, low light provided by a west or east-facing window. These plants even grow under fluorescent lights. Insufficient light causes the slow-growing peperomia plant to stop growing altogether. Direct sunlight burns the leaves. There are 100 species, although these particular ones did not indicate the specific type.

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