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Growing Apartment Plants

We all know that plants and flowers add life, freshness, texture, holistic ambiance and are the best way to brighten your outdoors.


Nothing beats a splash of bright pink, purples, yellows, reds and blues throughout your flower containers. Sadly, in an age where more of us are opting to rent instead of buy, outside spaces are becoming few and far between. Add to that the fact that popular areas are forever more crowded, and the luxury of a lawn is a tough thing to come by.

But, does this apartment lifestyle mean we can’t still enjoy the gems nature has to offer? Not at all. There are plenty of ways to include greenery, freshness, lively textures and colorful stuff in an apartment or any other smaller space arrangement. Still, many of us hold off through fears that mud on our carpets, uncertainty how to plant and where.


Even if you’re steering clear of dirt potted plants, though, there are ways to invite the outdoors into your life. Read on to find out what they are.


Jump on the succulent bandwagon

In case you hadn’t realized, succulents are big news, with nonchalant needs. These low maintenance beauties could be the ideal thing for your apartment. The small size of plants like these means they don’t have all that much soil. You can add moss and decorative stones to the decor. This green addition not only looks great, but it also puts a stop to accidental spillages. As if that weren’t enough, succulents require little water and thus pose less risk of muddy drips. Most of all, succulents hard at work clean your air, 24 hours a day, so you can breath more oxygen.

succulenthome design
Do away with soil altogether

If even small amounts of soil are too much of a risk for you, why not find a way to keep plants without any dirt at all? Madness it may seem, but that is just what you could do if you stock up on hydroponic gardening supplies. This is a way of growing plants with nothing more than nutrients, water, and the right equipment. It fits nice on the balcony or terrace. It is a fast-track method to plants you can love, without even the slightest risk of muddy footprints. This is also ideal for vegetable gardening, especially lettuce or any other leafy greens. IF you have green fingers, this is a no-brainer.


Make use of your balcony and windows

While an extensive garden may be a tall order for an apartment space, many of such options do come complete with at least a small balcony. As such, you could always make the most of this space and keep your apartment plant-friendly. This will give you greenery to admire and nurture, without posing any threat to your surroundings. Even if you don’t have a balcony to decorate, many windows are sufficient. All you would need to do is to install window boxes and get growing flowering beauties planted in them. This option will give your living quarters a wow factor and will become the candy for your own eye. Moreover, the landlord will remain quite happy.


Make it a very green and colorful day, my friends.




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39 thoughts on “Growing Apartment Plants

  1. I never knew what succulents are until I read your fascinating post on them. Fortunately, I am not a city dweller and can enjoy a large garden where my flower loving wife is making sure that there is more than just a splash of colour. Thank you, Luda, for the great photos you shared with us!

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  2. These are wonderful suggestions and I particularly like the idea shown in the first photo, which would help me cover the horrible metal fences we have in these parts. I just have to find succulents that can withstand heavy frost….

    Liked by 2 people

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