Soul Bowls

Naples in Florida surprised me with a very healthy lunch version. Loved being in that refreshingly tasty and wholesome cafe where I could order some cool healthy options and feel full and still light after the meal. So excited to see such creative and uplifting places pop up more and more around the area.


My order. Who thought of Pitaya before? This is my first Dragon Fruit bowl and it’s quite tasty.


What it all means:


After refusing to order anything, my teenage son broke down and asked for his own kale bowl. He loved it, to say the least.


And Namaste to you too!


Too cute


Then we ordered another one to go πŸ™‚


So much choice-I want to try all of these healthy bowls!


Love this. So funny.


These girls were so busy and very helpful. They were prepping bowls nonstop


Can’t wait for this company to expend to our Tampa Bay area and everywhere else to nourish all of us.

Make it a very healthy day, my friends.


All photographs belong to LudaΒ

Β©PlantsandBeyond.comΒ Β 

32 thoughts on “Soul Bowls

  1. What a beautiful place, from the decor to every little detail, filled with beauty and thoughtfulness. The food looks so amazingly beautiful and nutritious. I hope they do really well and spread all over the world! Thank you so much for sharing dear friend!!! πŸ™‚ ❀

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