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Oh So Succulent


Planning, planting and creating the living, natural, green residing spaces out of nothing is healing and super rewarding. In fact, hours happily constructing this project was nowhere near enough for me. I only wish I could do this all day! Just thinking of this experience makes me exhilarated.

IMG_1859My dear lifelong friend who inspired me to pursue my life’s passion and supported me all along with carrying out my life’s purpose. She has a patio with some beige bare walls. Of course, it was time to beautify the original vanilla concrete and make this outside space into a living sanctuary.

Here is before:IMG_1814

Right After picture:IMG_1841

A closer look of hanging planters:IMG_1835

Now with Owner’s words on the planters:IMG_1863

The first shelve shipment came in scratched and the company was gracious enough to replace the planters with the properly packed new ones. Great customer service to say the least.


Here is what transpired at the end of the day. I played around with Magnolia cones, moss and variety of succulent flowers. Gravitation towards easy plants that do not require much care, certain local succulent flower selections were chosen. Couldn’t do without purple/pinkish centerpiece. My favorite color, of course, came in handy again 🙂




Cactus/Succulent soil was carefully chosen for planting (not the bags of simple potting soil suggested by the store) to promote a happier living environment for the plants.


In the spirit of Autumn, little baby pumpkins were inserted on top to add a bit of color 🙂


Hope you, guys, have a lovely, serene, and mindful day.

Until Next time,


All photographs belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com



48 thoughts on “Oh So Succulent

  1. Absolutely amazing work! I loved every bit of the transformation of space that you created. I am so happy that you get to pursue such work that brings you so much contentment. Something like this feels like a major task and challenge to me. Hopefully some day I will find a way to learn and work on some of my home areas.

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  2. Each person has individual talents and yours, Pragalbha, is a gift to all. You inspire us daily, so thank you. This doesn’t feel like work, but pleasure for me. Let me know when you are ready to learn ;))))


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