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Fibonacci Flow in The Natural World

~The Fibonacci sequence appears in the smallest, to the largest objects in nature. It is a way for information to flow in a very efficient manner.

Rose Fibonacci Flow

It started with my nature-loving client asking if I can get the aloe polyphilla succulent for him, featured in the header image of this post. He has seen it during his travels and wants to enjoy looking at this spiral sequence at home.

nautilus shell fabinocci
Nautilus shell

After I called the Cacti society guru of Tampa Bay, it turns out this plant only survives in dry, hot climates, such as deserts. When I relayed that information to my client, he stated that Arizona was exactly where he saw it for the first time.

Dandelion Fibonacci Sequence

On the other hand, The Fibonacci sequence presenting itself all over our universe. I especially see it daily in nature and plants. If I only knew about this when I had to study math in elementary school, maybe I would be a math scholar after all. Perhaps, the plant’s vivacious allure is the math sequence that I was missing throughout my life.

angelica flower fibonacci
Angelica Flower

On the other hand, my earlier Fibonacci Sequence In Nature and Plants post is doing very well in google search and I had to share this with my kind and supportive friends as a joyish personal news. As much as I would like to abstain from math, it follows me in my favorite natural ways through nature and plants kingdom.


Since the Fibonacci day will be celebrated very shortly, in November, I wanted to honor this genius mathematician with showing more Plants images of the Fibonacci patterns.

SnowFlake crystal

I might be math illiterate, but certainly, appreciate the way it flows and appears in nature and everywhere humans reside. It is mesmerizing, mystical and simply beautiful.

romanesco broccoli
Romanesco Broccoli

Hope math, plants, nature, and its charm leaves you mystified, my dear friends.coneflowerfibonacci




The images here do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com


55 thoughts on “Fibonacci Flow in The Natural World

  1. Wow. Never consider the relationship of all plant to the Flow. This means that all of nature is going with the flow. Beautiful photographs and very informative post. Thank you for sharing. 🙏🙏❤🥀

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  2. As a former math teacher I thoroughly enjoyed reading and viewing your post on the all pervasive fibonacci sequence in nature. I take it as evidence that the creator of the universe has a mathematical mind. Have a great week, Luda!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I am beyond amazed of how deeply the flow of life connects it all – the seemingly distinct worlds of Maths and Plants come together to show us how profoundly All is One in Life. Your pictures are just beautiful and your post opens up a new perspective.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Just beautiful and I enjoyed this so much as I can relate to the spirals, the Fabonacci Sequence. This is very deep within the Divine Spiritual Realms. It is how everything interconnects from a Divine view point. I have never been able to accept Grids or Paradigms it always feels so negative. Photos amazing as always.

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  5. I left my comment on your first post about Fibonacci’s sequence. But I gladly can say it again: I LOVE THIS!!!!! As a scientific journalist, I wrote a few articles on the topic for my newspaper. Every time, I am amaze that many features of the living world are not encoded in genes, but result from mathematical processes at work during the growth phase of organisms. In short, mathematics is everywhere around us.

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