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Give Your Garden Some TLC

The space outside of your home can sometimes be the last on the list when it comes to renovation and change, especially in the chilly temperatures.  


If you are a nature lover, you might treat your garden as another room of your house, almost as a continuation of the living quarters. Even in the late Autumn months, the outdoors can be used as a way to unwind, enjoy a hot drink or two and take in the fresh essence, deep inside of your being.  


Lately, all the planning for the upcoming season left me a bit overwhelmed. The garden is full of weeds. There, I said it. Embarrassing to admit and worse yet, no one in the family wants to help me pluck them. With the thought of future seedlings and nutritious harvest, the garden raised beds have to get into shape, pronto.

Moreover, last weekend, I couldn’t even invite a couple of enthusiastic gardeners to see my garden, contemplating that it needs a little TLC, prior to anyone’s visit.  Friends, do not procrastinate with Fall clean up and make your life easier when the right time to plant your plants arrives.


Clean And Tidy Your Space For A Speedy Update

The quickest way to spruce up your outside space is to first, give it an honest visual appraisal. Imagine you are a guest in your own backyard. What would you think of that space if you are just visiting? Leaves, branches, and other debris from the colder months, can leave your lawn looking scruffy and unkempt. Therefore, it’s worth spending a day or so outside, and picking up the mess, raking, and sweeping, so that you have a clear open space to work with. Weeding and even putting your garden beds to rest, could be a nice activity to do with the kids if they have time to help. If your lawn is free from untidy twigs and foliage; you’ll be able to mow it neatly, and don’t forget to pick up after your pooches. While you are organizing the yard, it’s nice to dream and plan of what new plants could work as a nice low maintenance addition in the garden next year. I can never choose one or the other. Just want them all.


Plan Out A Little Safety with Fencing

Reflecting on this past weekend’s visit with the homeowners that aspire to establish an edible kitchen garden, we found the deer droppings and imprinted hoove prints right in the open space where these parents wanted to plant. They never witnessed the deer come near their house and thought that they were quite protected. However, after investigating the land and suitable location for the garden, it became apparent that the fence would be absolutely critical to protecting the future vegetable garden. This couple asked about the concrete fence, which is super sturdy, of course, and could work great with their existing outside design. Another option is a classic wooden fence for a family with a backyard. It looks very cute and serves as a practical structure. Or a very useful chicken wire fence as a startup might work even better. It works excellent in my experience, as a wildlife deterrent, but might not be as pretty as other possibilities. It best to check out some inspiration online before any garden planning.


Create Path of Serenity

The best area in your garden for a private haven is away from the house, where your soul can regenerate and have a new start.  Now that you have sorted out any barriers and fencing, you can begin to imagine how to best use the designated space as an escape for yourself, at last. Don’t you want your little new garden getaway to be as peaceful as possible? Fencing, trellis covered in climbing vines, hedgerows or spill over over container plants, make the perfect barrier. It will clearly section off an area for you to relax in. Once you’ve surrounded your area with a beautiful greenery, why not make the path in between your garden beds as a herbal maze? This idea came to me while analyzing the new garden space for another garden-loving family. Herbal labyrinth, surrounding either the focal garden point or the garden fixture, would be something grounding, meditative and relaxing to be near. Even to just look at the site at night, when you have night lights surrounding the labyrinth will leave you with the sense of awe. Discover more of the options here, but I know I would not want to leave such a place, even if it is hot or snowing. Dragging me out of such sanctuary would be the only way to get me back 🙂


Have a wonderfully green day, my friends.


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31 thoughts on “Give Your Garden Some TLC

  1. I will have to bookmark your post and revisit it in the spring. Those fabulous plants and flowers that are still growing in your fabulous garden have withdrawn from our northern clime and are definitely in hibernation until the warm sun will wake them up. Still it feels good to see these photos with a promise of spring, Luda!

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  2. Beautiful photos and great advice especially about the fencing the wire fencing is a good deterrent for unwanted animals when you have your own pets. Alas no help whilst working in the garden that used to be my problem too. Enjoy reshaping your garden. Bless you Luda.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Awwww, I hope you get all the positive energy that I am sending your way. We need to hybernate at times and your soul knows exactly what it needs and a little bit of time. Love , hugs and blessings to you, Nanette.

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  3. I’m busy doing a bit of painting outside and in the process of tending to new seedlings that are beginning to sprout. But these past couple of days it is too hot – and I mean oven hot – to be gallivanting around the garden for any length of time, so when I take a break from the office/laptop I go and sit in the fridge!

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  4. “The best area in your garden for a private haven is away from the house, where your soul can regenerate and have a new start. ”

    I recently created such a space. I found an old chair at the rubbish bins, revamped it and place it in my vegetable area. It gives me the perfect view of all the caterpillars munching on my cabbages. That was not quite the plan .

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      1. Laughing – it is still my sanctuary. A place where I can be still and observe and talk to the blackbird who has made the sanctuary is home, I picked off the leaves as they were covered with more eggs which will hatch into caterpillars. .

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