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Dealing With Insects Inside The Home

~Insects. We all know how useful they are in the garden, and how unnecessary they are inside your own house. 


There is a beautiful eco-system that we are taking part in when we become one with nature. Although, when it comes down to our abode, we prefer to feel safe and secure, without any critters. When the weather gets too cold, some of us move the potted plants and trees indoors. After saving our cared for plants, we find our selves faced with new house visitors.  Here are some most common bugs to look out for in your homes.


Lady Bugs

They are not technically considered pests, but when they multiply by the hundreds, they become pretty annoying. Moreover, I felt astonished this month during unpacking my family’s Christmas tree. Apparently, its original carton box harbored many of these red beauties from previous years residing in Maryland. Not having one inkling about transporting hybernating ladybugs to Florida, my eyes bulged out seeing them crawling around under the festive display this year. How they survived years of entrapment, beats me. Pest companies do not consider them a nuisance and let them be. Here is my solution: open the window or balcony and let them fly off. They are much more useful in the garden. Lady Bugs, I implore you to please eat the aphids out there, the more the marrier.



The other two commonly found insects inside the home can be hard to distinguish from each other. Ants and termites are both tiny bugs and the quite destructive to the home structure. Termites damage the house structure and require major treatment to the area, along with wood replacement. There are plenty of differences among these crawlers and the major one to look for is the trail of wood dust behind them. All vegetation is best to be planted away from the house, without branches touching the house walls. Regular trimming is super beneficial to prevent ant invasion. The chopped firewood should be stored outside the home, further from the main dwelling, not to attract termites inside.


Palmetto Bug

Have you heard of them a Palmetto Bug? Ha! Me neither, until we moved to Florida. Turns out there is a sophisticated way to name a common cockroach and not feel aversion to it. We started looking into the different types of them and learned that there are several, including an elegant Palmetto bug, which is an American roach and a small yellow-brown German cockroach. Now, you might look at that list and think, where do German roaches come from? And that is a fair question, but don’t be distracted by its regional identifier. The German roach is, just like its wood and American cousins, an insect found in many different places, not just Europe! To deal with cockroaches or prevent from ever seeing them again you will want to enlist the help of the following ingredients: baking soda, sugar, bay leaves, lemon peel, and lemon juice or borax.  If these natural remedies do not help or deter the pests then calling in professional service might help the spread of these critters.

Hopefully, this information will help you keep these insects outside where they belong.


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37 thoughts on “Dealing With Insects Inside The Home

  1. Good points and photos as usual. I love Ladybirds/Ladybugs and I would do as you did open the window and let them fly out. Ants cinnamon will keep them away and sometimes salt will kill them off. I pour boiling water down their holes if they become too annoying. Diatomaceous Earth is a good killer for ants and natural. Cockroaches yucky, wash your floors with a few drops of peppermint oil or I make a mint tea with dried mint and add it to the floor wash. This keeps them, mice and spiders away. I would make a mist for carpets.

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  2. Wonderful information, I love lady bugs, for they eat the greenfly etc.. But in the UK now the lady bug now has a predator The Harley Quinn Bug.. Which is wiping out our native Lady bug…
    Wishing you a great day and if you celebrate Thanksgiving, wishing you a Happy One.. 🙂

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  3. Fortunately we don’t have too many issues with insects inside – there did seem to be a lot of ants around this year and they were trooping in our front door – we managed to dissuade them by manually carrying them back out and putting washing powder down which seemed to stop them coming back in.

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  4. Great information, Luda! 🙂 Few weeks ago I had to dealt with kind of bugs from chillies 😀 Suddenly from time to time I have seen small bugs in the kitchen and I was wondering from where as I have everything tightly close. After couple of weeks of occasional “visitor” I have checked the box where my husband has his dried chillies from Mexico and you cannot imagine, how many was in there 😀 So unfortunately I needed to throw away all chillies and then I checked everything what I had stored at home and it seems that those little creatures liked herb tea (not any other one) and sweet, like sugar or cacao powder and then all types of flours 🙂 Sooo… my kitchen has gotten very light at the end and lesson learned 😀 My husband told me that he had those chillies there even before he even met me 😀 😀 and that is good amount of years already 😀

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    1. Oh boy and LOL. Bugs survived for so long? Before your time, Vero 😉 Don’t you hate it when you have to throw away food. This happens to me twice a year or so. Esp when I purchase rice. Somehow the bugs from there transfer all over my pantry….


      1. I cannot explain it, but suddenly they appeared 😅 Omg, you cannot imagine how much I hate it. It was killing my heart to throw away so many things. And many of them just opened, but it was just full of bugs and not possible to keep it… Luckily, it doesn’t happen to me often, but when it happens it hits me… 😔

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      2. Yes, my vero. The whole closet needs revamping at that time and then some. I am sorry it happend to you, but if it makes you feel any better we all experience it time to time. It will get better and your home will be yours once again


  5. Great post. You are absolutely right! My Phalaenopsis orchids enjoy being outside in the summer humidity but oh boy! Keeping an eye on the pests that enjoy them being outside in the summer when it comes time for indoor keeping is a definite must.

    Thanks for a great article 🙂

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