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Quick Tips To Brighten Your Outdoors

Our outdoor space is precious – and for many of us, it’s our main connection with nature.

flower planters

When given a little thought and design know – how it can enhance our living space and our lives. An ideal place for entertaining, what was a neglected yard, an uninspiring patio or even an underused balcony can easily be revamped into a gorgeous, welcoming space. With a few simple changes, you could overhaul your outdoor area just in time to catch the last of the warm temperatures and sunshine. So plan your ideal outdoor space and then sit back and fire off some invitations.


Create a Space For Entertaining

Outdoor areas are all about being social – a barbecue, lunch alfresco or a few cheeky cocktails. Many of us find it far easier to accommodate larger numbers of people when we aren’t trying to cram them into our homes – outdoor space is the perfect way to extend our hospitality. If your space is home to some cracked chairs and a few sad looking plants, it’s time for a serious revamp. You can makeover what you already have, or invest in some great new pieces. Start by considering the seating arrangements. Adding some new outdoor furniture, brightening things up with some colorful cushions and perhaps adding a few floor pillows or beanbags for extra lounge factor immediately makes your space more inviting. Define the space by using large planters with screening plants such as bamboo, bamboo palms or box hedging. Add a few storm lanterns to be filled with twinkling pillar candles or string up some LED fairy lights and you’re creating the right atmosphere.


Consider Your Planting Scheme

Introducing a fresh planting scheme can bring life and color to your outdoor space and really reinvigorate it. Adding a variety of shapes, colors and heights create far more impact that neatly manicured rows of begonias – seek out sculptural blooms instead if you want your plants to stand out. Think about trees and plants such as a date palm – striking, ornamental and ideal for adding a tropical vibe to drinks outside. An added bonus is that they are really easy to care for. 

container flowers2

Accessorise Your Outdoor Space

When you begin to think of your outdoor space as an extension of the interior, you realize that the power of a well-chosen accessory is just as potent on the exterior. Consider what you could do with oversized ceramic vases or pieces of statuary. Carved wooden screens look beautiful outside, and mirrors can be a great addition, that bounce light into dark corners and really help to visually open up space. Planters can also be used to add a splash of color and act almost like room dividers, creating intimate corners for cozy chats. Also, think about how you can repurpose objects- could a discarded dresser now hold barbecue implements and crockery? An old wooden ladder become display shelves for plants and ceramics? People have even used antique enameled bathtubs to act as deep planters, although I keep smiling at that option. The more creative you can get, the better – the only limitation is your own imagination.


Make it a very colorful and memorable day, dear friends.


lamures eating bamboo.jpeg
Now you are well aware, this post couldn’t be without humor or animals, especially these Lemurs eating bamboo, that we like to decorate with 🙂


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