The Witch Is In

Not their Mommy, but a Witch. This is what my dear teenagers call me when I am writing, creating and working on my blog posts.


It is Autumn, but not quite the festive end of October Halloween Holliday yet. My increasingly annoyed and bored kids are placing Witch signs all over my office.




They try to get my attention, in vain.

Boredom is healing for hardworking school students, I contemplate. Monotony makes you think of imaginative ways of turning your precious free time into actual FUN. You, my darling mouthy teenagers, are wholeheartedly enjoying your sunny weekend days, DOING NOTHING. Too bad, you can’t recognize how fortunate you are to live in the moment.

Your Mom, for example, reestablished her lifelong passion for writing and turned it into a new way of Blogging. It takes time, focus, perseverance and untangling of multiple thoughts to chronologically type them out on a blank screen. Its pure satisfaction to create something out of nothing and motivate others.

“Go write your own blog”, I tell them. They pout, roll their eyes, get into my face, demand attention and snicker at my new occupation. Deep down inside, it is nice to discern their craving for my company. I bet they especially miss:

  • The personal servant Mom,
  • The cook from scratch Mom,
  • The waiter Mom
  • The entertainer Mom,
  • Leg rest cushion, movie watching Mom,
  • Foot massage Mom
  • Instant playdate friend Mom,
  • Cleaning lady Mom,
  • Clothes washing Mom,
  • Taxi driver Mom
  • Slave Mom

When I try to finish typing my thoughts, they breathe heavily down my neck in an angry stupor. Shake my chair, bang on the table and make strange distracting noises. Nevertheless, I zero in on my pressing task and finish it. Amazed at my own ability to focus, I finally turn to them. The punch line of my 13-year-old daughter’s frustration makes me smile – in just one corner of my mouth, not for long, though.

I have been hastily warned on her stormy way away: “Mother, you are running a risk of becoming one of those absent parents, with whom kids don’t want to spend any time. Mark my words, it will happen to you.”

Hmmmm.  That made me ponder of losing the future connection with my own kids. Prior to my intrigued feelings getting out of order, the rational settled in.  Perhaps, as a seasoned Mom, I missed teaching them one vital life lesson. The missed epiphany message to kids: it’s actually all right to spend time on yourself. Instead of neglecting yourselves, look at it as a part of self-nourishment, mental recharge, and healing. Until recently, doing something for myself was a completely a foreign concept. Hibernating Florida Summer Garden made my creative energy efforts spill onto paper, rather than the living soil.  For now, I will try to lead by example, even if my consequences are the dissatisfied glances and comments of demanding family members.

How about this, dear children:

  • Watch your Witch Mom do what she loves
  • Help your family with daily chores when parents are busy
  • Put away all your electronics and read a book for a change
  • Call your grandparents and reach out to your friends
  • Walk and play with the dogs
  • Cook and serve your own food to yourselves

In the meanwhile, when the evening settles in and the writing goals are met, your very own Mommy Witch will happily cuddle with you lovingly and gently, while, watching a movie at the end of the day. I will sweetly tuck you in and softly sing you a good night song. After all, I am still here, bewitching you into your adulthood.


With love, self-care, and a sprinkle of some magic,


Have a great day, my dear friends.


All photographs belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com

53 thoughts on “The Witch Is In

      1. Being a mom is a thankless task if your children after growing up, ignores or neglects you. But once they appreciate you then in old age you will be blessed as their love surrounds you.

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  1. How appropriate is your message to your children so much filled with a combination of love and irony, as we are approaching Halloween! I like that last sentence in your well crafted post: bewitching into adulthood. Have a great day, Luda!

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    1. Hahahaha-I love this, Tom. Quite funny. Didn’t think of that at all. LOL. Let me think about the mutation here. I think I start out very good… and gradually morph into the bad one…don’t you love my self criticism? :)))))))))


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