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This Cup Is Mine Now

~ Friendship is like a sheltering tree.” — Samuel Taylor Coleridge



This post is a follow up to this month flower cup quest. My dear friends, I thank you for all the encouragement I got to look for this special flower lady cup. Unfortunately, since I was out of the airport, where I first noticed it, the web was unable to provide where in the world this cup could be found.  Strange that the internet was not sensitive enough to my simple flower cup needs 🙂


One of the evenings, my Tampa friend is asking me if I got the cup yet, and I answered that I can not find it anywhere. She insisted that this cup belongs to me and was heading to the airport the next day herself to look for the cup in one of their shops. This was far and beyond I can ever expect anyone to do so for me, but I was so touched nevertheless.


Moreover, she said that she can’t rest until she can get that cup for me since it’s on my mind and it thoroughly represents me. That was very very nice and adorable for her to think so, but what came next is the Reversee APP that did reverse imaging ( I had no idea that it even exists). Her college friend found the cup via that APP and Now I have it in my possession.


I am so very grateful for such sincere care, thoughtfulness and an opportunity to have friends that give a damn. Very thankful that kindness exists and makes me want to be a better human.

Have a wonderful, colorful and full of nice surprises day, my dear friends.🌿

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40 thoughts on “This Cup Is Mine Now

    1. Awww- you warmed my heart , Amira – that is so kind of you to say, and I am blessed to have you in my life too! Thank you for all the positive inspiration and energy that you bring to me and this worls💖☀️✨

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