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How To Get Fruit And Vegetables All Year

We all love seasonal fruit and vegetables in the Summer, and like experimenting with new flavorful recipes that will help us stay healthy and have a balanced diet. However, when there is a lack of fresh produce, our options are limited. The good news is that there are some great sources of Winter and Fall fruit, no matter if you have a greenhouse or are getting your newly picked produce from a local market. Find out more below.


Farmers’ Markets

Even if your garden is closed in colder months to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, and other vegetables, the farmers take care of their large greenhouses so you can have some fresh produce. Instead of going to the supermarket and picking up pre-packaged goods that traveled for hundreds of miles, you can protect the environment and support local farmers. From fresh salad to root vegetables, there are plenty of choices to create your family meals with. Some markets even have their own greenhouses right on site so you can be sure that your produce was grown safely. Our local market recently labeled their hydroponic lettuce, as No E-coli Lettuce. Well, I thought of putting such options in here, because it was true. Next time I will snap a picture of such nurturing display.



It might also be a good idea to have your own orangery where you can keep your small pots of fruit shrubs and plants during the winter. You can have fresh banana peppers, chives, herbs, and even lettuce if you create the right environment all year round. There are some vegetables that are easier to grow indoors, due to their size, such as radishes and lettuce, as well as other salad greens.


Herb Boxes

If you love fresh herbs, it might be a good idea to have some herb window boxes installed in your kitchen. You will be able to grow basil, parsley, mint, and chives, plus cut as much as you need fresh for your home cooking. Container gardening is a great way of saving space and having access to the freshest fruit and vegetables all year round. A herb box will not only look great in your window but also make your meals taste better.

Matt BuckFlickr
Putting up the greenhouse/Greenhouse 008


In case you are lucky enough to have your own greenhouse with a heater, you can carry on growing whatever you want in a small space. From Brussels sprouts to lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, and even cucumber, there are plenty of options for you to experiment with. Get a solar panel so you don’t have to burn fossil fuel and invest in a backyard greenhouse kit to make your job easier.  


Use Frozen

If you simply don’t have space or the time to grow your own fruit and vegetables, you can freeze your summer produce in resealable plastic bags. Yes, that is what I have done for years.  Label the bags with the date, so you know exactly what you need to use first. You can cut your fruit up into small slices and use it for a morning smoothie all year round. All the saved avocados from the Summer ago lasted about 9 months for me. Can’t wait until next harvest.

We all rely on convenience stores in the winter and attempt to buy our fruit and vegetables from the local supermarket. If you are looking for a cheaper and more organic way of feeding your family, you might consider one of the above alternatives.

Have a wonderfully green day, my friends.


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  1. Very good advice, especially for those living in the southern parts of the USA! Even though nothing grows here in Canada except in heated green houses, farmer’s markets are busy throughout the entire year and are a source of food. Thank you for the info, Luda!

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