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New Avocado Tree reality 🥑

Frozen Avocado and Mango tree update:

Previous post:  https://plantsandbeyond.com/2018/04/06/frozen-avacado-tree/


No choice but to cut off the dead branches for the sunlight to get through new growth.


Now I have to get used to this backyard scenario. A wise man said “somehow, life always prevails. And even the smallest hint of a little green leaf is a great indication that things will come back”.


This is not the site I wish to see. I don’t have much patience to wait another 10 years for the fruit trees to flower. However, there are signs of life to my amazement. Not all is lost.


For now, this is great news for these dearly loved fruit trees and a tiny ignited glimpse of hope in my caring soul. Seems that the backyard hawk loves to observe me from the newly designed tree pedestal, as pictured on the first photograph.


Until next time, my dear friends.


All photographs belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com


37 thoughts on “New Avocado Tree reality 🥑

  1. Wow! What beautiful trees, I can only imagine the heartache. But, to your point you have signs of new growth so hang tight to that. Did you start your avocado plant from a seedling? Just curious, I have one I started last Thanksgiving and it is coming along nicely. I just moved the pot out to our front porch. Cheers to new life and growth……happy gardening.

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  2. Last time it took 10 years for you to enjoy the fruits as it was growing from seed, but now it is like planting a tree, so I think it will bear fruits within 5 years itself under your meticulous care.

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  3. It just shows we shouldn’t give in to despair or be too quick to give up – nature can be very resilient. And demands patience from us! I do feel your pain, though.

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      1. I know what you mean..
        We went away on holiday and we have a small Christmas Tree, which I bought two years ago with roots..
        It thrived last year and it grew new growth.. All good.. And it served as our outdoor Christmas Tree ..
        We came home to see it looking sad and some of the needles were falling.. So I got my hubby to re-pot it.. Its roots were pot bound, it was moist enough.. And I too prayed it would pick up again.. And sure enough only this week,, It has new growth on the tips.. It is happy and I am happy.. 🙂 We love our trees,, ❤

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  4. Awww… read the previous post, which was so heartfelt. I’m so sorry about that situation, but you know, that just led to new life. It’s a new beginning. Love renews life for its true purpose!

    Reading your blog makes me smile every time!

    Thank you so much for enriching my life this way! 😊😘

    I love avocado smoothies! 😀 Soon!😉

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    1. Awww – I love avocado smoothies, too. So happy to bring joy in your life, Mel and thank you for reading and supporting me. Yes new green life upon top. Off to read your previous post.


  5. It’ll come back. Probably not soon enough though.

    Btw, mom used to love to grow the avocado pits by sticking 4 toothpicks in them and “floating them” over a bowl of water. She started so many avocado trees this way. She was a rather unremarkable green thumb in any other way. She did not do flowers and on rare occasions she grew some vegetables among weeds. Here mantra was plant seeds and see what is there to harvest in the fall.

    I find it amazing among all her non-propensity to grow things that she relentlessly had avocado seeds sprouting one after another.


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