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3 Easy Tips To Boost Your Curb Appeal

~ Overanalyzing the interiors of our homes over and over again, looking for elegant and comfortable solutions, sometimes leaves us no energy to spruce up the outdoors, entranceway, backyard, lanais, and the gateway. Here are 3 easy tips to add exciting eye-catching features to your household.  

  1. Beacons of light


Have you ever come home late from work or gathering, driving your own car or being driven by a friend and couldn’t see in the dark where to step out and insert your key in? Moreover, the car driver could not find the proper driveway scheme to drive on due to darkness? Hey guys, that is happening right in my own entrance. It’s dark and I always have to shrug my shoulders when friends carpool and don’t know where to park or drive on the property. This prompted me to look into one solar lighting feature for our existing fence. The garden gate already has two standing night lights, but they don’t quite shine the way as Solar Fence Cap light does.

1-Light Fence Post Cap

A solar fence cap light only turns on when darkness falls and because it’s solar-powered there are no extra bill charges. The painted design on see-through plastic allows the light inside easily shine through. It seems to be weatherproof and more durable than glass.

2. Overgrowing flower basket


A hanging flower basket outside your home is a festive addition, that adds a burst of bright color, texture and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. One of my favorite quotes “The earth laughs in flowers” comes pretty handy when we appreciate this nature’s beauty. You can combine different vibrant colors, textures, and sizes and remember to give the blooms nice feeding every month.


Larger baskets will require more high-quality fertilizer, than smaller ones. That way the flowers will display the spill out effect and will add extra depth to the arrangement. Patio containers and build in flower boxes require care, regular trimming, watering regularly, especially in the Summer months,  and feeding them fertilizer once a month would benefit the development of blooms.

3. Lighting up the exterior


Lighting up the outside of the house covets a different kind of warmth.  The house that stands alone in the dark looks colder and less inviting.

Just two days ago, we received a neighborhood notification that a stranger in the covered hoody ringed a doorbell in one of the houses at 1 a.m. at night. When the house lights were turned on by owners to see who could it be at the door. He took off and hopefully never comes back. All of the community members are on alert now and turning on the lights outside during the night seems like the safe approach to deterring wondering visitors.

Modern decor design companies know that there is a market for those who are just as much for the outside of their home as they do for the inside. Many options exist out there for you such as lanterns, solar LED garden stake lights, fixed shaped modern lighting to name just a few. If you would prefer something a little retro check out the gooseneck barn lights made by metal shade comes with RLM style. The lights are customizable in the fact that you can choose the stem style and finish, the shade style and finish also. Cases and sensors are also offered in case you wish to use the lights as part of your outdoor security. They may have an industrial look but they fit in quite well with modern home design. The technology they use is anything but retro as an array of powerful LED lights shine brightly downward.

flowerlilliac basket

Hope you have a wonderful week, my dear friends.


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28 thoughts on “3 Easy Tips To Boost Your Curb Appeal

      1. Oh, dear Sofie, thank you for starting my Friday right :))) Yay, yay, yay, But blooming broccoli is a sprouting broccoli and it will go into seed. I think its time to cut the head, eat it, so the second one can take place. Just love you, thank you, and sending you so many hugs

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      2. Hi Luda, sorry when I meant blooming its just starting to grow 🙂 It is still quite small to cut…you can actually see it 🙂 Have a lovely evening…its a little after noon now here in NL 🙂

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  1. Wonderful ideas, and we have solar night lights in the garden, I love the fence post idea for a driveway.. 🙂 And hope the hooded man who came door knocking at such a late hour doesn’t return.. We have security lights with are warmth activated by sensors, So they light up the front door, and if we go on the back garden at night if switched on, another lights some steps into the garden.
    I Loved all of your ideas, and a good reminder too about fertiliser to feed baskets and blooms right now.. We have still to plant our baskets up, Loved the one you pictured..

    Loved your post Luda and those lilacs I could almost smell their fragrance lol
    ❤ Take care Hugs xx

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    1. This is how I want to wake up – seeing this comment’s kindness and so much care and warmth coming from my dear friend. What a marvelous idea to have lights come up upon entry. I have to look into that. That intruder scared the whole community for sure. Unsettling, but now we are all on alert. Dogs help a lot with their barking. Peace and love to you 🌱💫🌿🌟🌱

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes you can get light sensors that either respond to movement or heat.. So many on the market.. ours is a lantern style light that sits at the side of the front door, So it lights up on dark evenings even if someone starts to come down the drive and stays on while they are close to it.. You can adjust its sensitivity too, I am sure you will find one suitable..
        And My pleasure,, I have missed my visiting Luda.. And you will get used to my crazy catch ups.. ❤ xxx

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