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The Little Touches Your Garden Is Missing

If you forget to focus on your garden this year, then you really will have your hands full once it gets unmanageable.

You have this spacious back yard or wonderful front lawn in front of your home that could be used for inspiring new blooming natural landscape, but somehow instead of new growth, you find overgrown brambles and untamed bush branches. Does that sound familiar? 

Not only does the curb appeal adds value to your home, but it also gives you a place of quiet sanctuary for your soul. When the warmer weather comes around, and it will be here before you know it (and it is already here for some of us), there are some little garden touches that your home might be missing. Here are a few tips that might help make your garden flourish.


Decorative Features

Some gardeners prefer to ensure their gaze fall onto the green, silky and short grass surrounding their territory. Our dear friend moved recently and singlehandedly aligned his driveway and house pathways with gravel. Proudly showing his hard labored front yard to us, it seems that such pete rose gravel brings character, charm, and stability to lawns, paths, and even ponds. This might be the solution that some of us has been missing for a long time. Instead of cutting and fertilizing the grass diligently, week after week, the gravel or even the river rock seems to be a good investment. Moreover, such natural stones come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, unbeknownst to me. I just loved learning about this new way of decorating outside. I think this year, this gravel will end up in between of my raised garden beds to block weeds.


Your Own Growing Patch

Growing fruit or vegetables is super rewarding, and actually really easier than you think to do in your garden. All you need to start with is one raised bed that gets plenty of sunlight, has super fertile soil, pick your choice of fruits, vegetables or leafy plants and dig. Don’t forget to thank the plot, soil, seeds, and seedlings for growing in your yard and bringing positive vibes to your surroundings. I truly touch any tree or plant on my daily walk to give gratitude and expend the energy exchange. It’s a delightfully simple meditative practice that makes me feel full of gratitude. Also, there are online seeds exchange among local gardening clubs and I find that fellow gardeners are kind and giving. Once someone from another side of Florida sent me complimentary Moringa tree seeds. Not only this created a lasting impression on my heart, but also it graced my back yard as new tender seedlings that are reaching for the sun. You can get local and new seeds in the stores or local farmer’s markets, as well. Sometimes in my search for vegetable or fruit planting instructions articles like this help me revitalize the skills that get rusty (especially during the Summer break when in South or during dormant Northern Winter), especially after prolonged natural dormancy.


Something For The Animals

If you love being out in the garden and watching how it changes and grows, then you might also find the love for the wild neighbors that often come to visit your creation. Not only the birdfeeder attracts colorful singing visitors, butterflies, bees, lizards and hummingbirds, but the more abundant your fruit harvest, the more is available for the wildlife. Selfishly, that means more intact fruits and veggies are left for your own family to enjoy. The Mulberry tree that sways in the backyard sure keeps our raccoons at bay. I noticed that squirrels prefer the Palm-nut clusters and the armadillos graze on fallen avocadoes, instead of mangos. It always seems that nature provides enough for all. The master gardener classes taught us to plant enough for all, humans and animals. Truly it is possible to live congruently with dinosaur-like creatures; perhaps we can learn a thing or two about the survival, kindness, and respectful interconnection among all earthly occupants. 


Hey, I think gardening, is a great hobby to get into and pass down to the next generation. Don’t you agree?


Make it a very green and creative day, dear Friends.


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35 thoughts on “The Little Touches Your Garden Is Missing

      1. It is a long story, I am finishing the outside and a little of the interior. Making the walls higher and the property secure. Looking forward to doing the garden, then putting up for sale.


  1. Thank you Luda. So much to learn about gardening from you . I really like this line …
    ‘Don’t forget to thank the plot, soil, seeds, and seedlings for growing in your yard and bringing positive vibes to your surroundings’.
    As for me, just about started a bit of terrace gardening…every day is a new learning!💕🙏💕

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