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Go Bananas: 8 Unique Ways To Eat Bananas

~ Bananas are one of the most versatile fruits that you can buy. They can be turned into a healthy substitute for food that might otherwise be unhealthy. In other cases, they can bring a new exotic twist to a traditional dish. Here are just eight unique ways to use bananas for your next meal.

Shake them

Buying a blender could also allow you to make your very own banana milkshakes. The simplest way to create a banana shake is to mix banana, vanilla ice cream and milk – however, those wanting to be a little more ambitious can mix other ingredients such as honey, yogurt, and cinnamon for an even tastier drink. You can also create a healthy breakfast smoothie with frozen banana, milk, orange juice and a dash of pineapple. In fact, banana goes well in many fruit and vegetable smoothies – experiment and see what you can come up with.

banana smoothy
Freeze them

Fancy some ice cream, but trying to watch your waistline? Frozen banana has pretty much the exact texture of ice cream, whilst having an equally sweet and delicious taste. You can make this quick and healthy dessert more exciting by mushing up banana and adding almonds and pistachios before freezing. You can even drizzle it with chocolate for a diet ice cream sundae. Just make sure you leave yourself some time to freeze the bananas first.

Image result for freezing banana

Create your own banana bread

Banana bread makes for a delicious morning treat. You can create banana bread by first creating a mixture of butter and sugar and then adding egg and banana to the mix. After mixing this all up, add some flour, soda, and salt. Then pour the mixture into a greased and floured loaf ban before leaving it to bake for 55 minutes. The result will be a tasty loaf of banana bread that you can cut up and toast (it can taste delicious with spreads such as peanut butter or chocolate spread).


Make your own banana guacamole & salsa

Few people would think to make these Latin American sauces using bananas, but they can actually make a tasty addition to either sauce. When it comes to guacamole, throw in a bit of banana with avocado, hot pepper, and onion. The banana has a similar texture to the avocado and combines to create a sweet and tasty flavoring. As for banana salsa, this can be concocted by mixing banana, mango, and jalapeno. This salsa goes particularly well with fish dishes, giving it an exotic feel.

banana quac

Bake them

You can also bake bananas for a tasty dessert. As with fritters, this can be made tastier by adding ingredients such as cinnamon, hazelnuts, and chocolate. This is best achieved by splitting the banana in half and putting these ingredients in the middle so that they melt. You can even wrap bananas in tinfoil and grill them in the oven or even on the barbecue. This has much the same effect and could be great for a cheap and healthy dessert when cooking in your backyard.

Image result for grilled banana in foil
Fry them

Banana fritters are an equally delicious dessert that can be created by frying bananas in oil with sugar or honey, flour, and spices. This certainly isn’t the healthiest banana dish in the world, although you can make it healthy. By using an oilless deep fryer and adding honey and cinnamon, you can whip up a tasty fried banana dessert that’s also low on calories. This is a popular Caribbean treat that’s sometimes made using plantains for much the same effect.  

bananas fried
Put them in a curry

You can also use bananas when making a sweet curry. When creating a spicy coconut sauce such as a korma, try adding in some bananas to give some added sweetness. This goes great when also combined with peanuts and chicken. You can also use bananas to create a banana curry stir-fry. This uses pretty much the same ingredients but mixed in with some noodles and vegetables for a far more easiest twist.

Cook your own banana pancakes

On top of banana bread, you can also fry up banana pancakes for breakfast. These treats taste great topped with maple syrup or mixed berry compote and are much healthier than regular pancakes. You can create these pancakes by combining banana, flour, milk, egg, and baking powder. You can even add honey or stevia to sweeten them if you’re not worried about adding a couple extra calories.


Hope this was a fun read for everyone.

Until next time, my dear friends.


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  1. Variety is the spice of life, as your lovely post on the eight ways of preparing bananas is demonstrating so clearly. So far I simply peeled the banana and ate it. Thanks, Luda, for making all these suggestions!

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