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Outdoor Patio Ideas

There’s nothing quite like relaxing, finding balance, and distressing in the garden, and a well constructed, maintained and decorated patio area will naturally take that joy to the next level.   

A vibrant patio area is just one of several standout features that the ultimate backyard should boast. Nonetheless, it is the one that will add value to your life as well as the property and will create a gradual transition from the inside of the house to the green outdoors. 


 Use Plant Containers To Brighten the Outside Space



It is said that appreciating beauty improves your daily outlook and mental health. A glance in the direction of few living plants within the patio location can make a big impact in preparing for your daily tasks. Hanging baskets, window sill containers, and potted plants are excellent options. Designing a colorful corner on your patio, incorporating flower beds, trees, and even herbal arrangments is pure joy and a fun outside activity to aspire to.



Consider Choosing Concrete

container flowers7

Wooden, stone or artificial decks are nice additions, but a concrete patio area is the perfect solution for many reasons. It gives you a whole host of options on color schemes while it’s arguably easier to link to to the home via sliding glass doors. My own backyard starts with the pool transition and has a lovely stone called travertine, but it is slippery and not ultimate for the outside area, especially when it rains. Oh, my, how careful we have to be while walking through our existing, wet patio stones. Such concern opened a research option of remodeling options and I found concrete. Also, it looks as if the Seal with Ease product is used then the concrete will be preserved for years to come. The protective concrete sealing process against weeds and dust particles, including puddles. In turn, you’ll have no worries about keeping it in excellent health for years to come. Concrete patios are also very easy to clean while it is perhaps a little friendlier for barefoot walks. 

 Get Overhead Coverage


The perfect patio will benefit from the roof coverage as protection from rain, wind or mid-afternoon harsh sunlight. It was exciting to learn about this permanent fixture, called retractable awning.  Without such overhead support, it becomes very difficult to enjoy the patio to the full, especially in Southern Regions. Nonetheless, this awning is a wonderful idea that provides the shade without blocking the view. I like this option very much and will consider it in the future.    

Invest In The Right Furniture



Building the ideal patio space is one thing, but making it functional is another altogether. The furniture choices will play a huge role. Rattan furniture will add aesthetic beauty as well as the comfort needed to encourage activity. Can you detect, I am still considering all the patio options out there? Still looking, researching and contemplating on all the possible colorful choices. One new idea that I found on my quest was Bromic heaters. To extend the hours of being outside and to prolong the enjoyment into the evening, and these patio additions should instantly feel twice as useful.   


If nothing else, these options open the door to hosting small parties, social gatherings and reconnecting with family and friends. Or in my case, an often desired solitude and nature appreciation with my doggies are quite enough.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


Photographs listed here do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com



20 thoughts on “Outdoor Patio Ideas

  1. The outdoor space is so very important this time of year. Such fantastic ideas and I especially love colorful garden and flower containers. A poolside pop of color and the right furniture makes it magical to the eye. Love these ideas Luda! 🌞🌻💟

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  2. You are full of such wonderful ideas. We’re those pictures of your outdoor space. That were stunning. I don’t suppose you can be hired out?🤗🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hiiiii She! Thank you so much for reflecting. These are the local photos that would do excellent in our zone and humid environment. I can help you find flowers that will look good in your area, if you wish. I live and breath any kind of plants :))))))))

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know you do. You have special powers, I think. Unfortunately, my fingers are about as green as a stop sign. I think cacti are about my limit, especially as I travel so often. I wouldn’t want them to die! I do love your photos and you wonderfully green fingers though. Your posts are a breath of fresh air.

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  3. When I’m ready to get my hands dirty, I’ll be coming to you for gardening advice. I really appreciate your blog, Luda. You’ve been giving us a lot to think about where it concerns our homes and gardens… though, my garden only exist fictionally! 😆


  4. It’s so therapeutic to be close to nature and to have outdoor time. Whether it be in a park or hiking or sitting outside in your lanai or patio. It’s so important to keep that connection, and anything to facilitate that is a good thing. It reminds us that there is an entire world outside of the walls of our offices and homes and opens our minds to horizons often blocked by drywall and paint and stresses of inside life! So this post really helps to create the perfect place right outside of our homes to make that happen! Great post, Luda!

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