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3 Must-Have Luxury Outdoor Features

Everyone loves a little bit of luxury, right? If you were granted a wish to add any additional feature to your yard, what would it be?

Here is my list of a couple of extra features that I wouldn’t mind having outside.


water fountain

One of the best things you can do to enjoy your outdoor surroundings is to add a water feature. It goes without saying that install a gate around any water features in the pool if you have children is a priority for safety. Sometimes its required to have a fence around the pool if your children are younger than specified age in the restricted deed communities. We have the metal fence gate ready to go if any little kids come for visit, but with our teenagers, its secured in the shed. Swimming pools, fountains, hot tubs and ponds are some of the most popular options for your outside space. One of my dreams is to have a fish pond in my backyard. Watching peacefully swimming fish would be a nice way to relax and meditate. In Chinese tradition, Feng Shui, any water feature inside or outside of your house brings financial abundance. Interesting concept to ponder about.

Outdoor Kitchens


One of the many things that you can pair with an outdoor water feature is an outdoor kitchen like the ones that you can find at http://kwikkerbofsd.com/. These outdoor kitchens are usually covered and give you the chance to entertain your guests without being stuck indoors preparing food for everyone. You get to be in the thick of the action and still get to use your outdoor space effectively. It would be ideal to not have the whole house full of kitchen odors, thus every time we have guests, my thoughts drift to the idea of installing the outside kitchen once and for all.

Space For Hobbies


If you have a keen interest in basketball or tennis, you can put in a small court or somewhere you can practice and play. Our basketball court gets used when kids’ friends visit. It provides the fun and sporty way for children to engage with each other. If sports aren’t your thing but meditation is, an outdoor seated space with plenty of soft cushions and pads can be the perfect place you can relax, unwind and enjoy time saying hello to the morning or drink your beverage of choice. 


These features give me something to dream about. I love my Plants and everything green, but perhaps a comfortable seating arrangement, near a flowing water pond, while you sip your coffee, tea or smoothie would add an extra dimension to your life.

gardean path

Hope you found these dreaming outside house features interesting. I am heading off to outside to imagine where these ideas will possibly fit.

Until next time, my dear friends.


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44 thoughts on “3 Must-Have Luxury Outdoor Features

      1. Next door have just installed a hot tub in their garden but not put a shed over it yet. Their 6 kids have been in it just over the fence, shrieking and with a loud radio playing, every day 9am to 11pm for a week. No such thing as relaxing in our garden this week. At least I am getting plenty drawing done indoors!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to have a porch swing and a nice fountain. However, I can’t have those things at the moment, but it doesn’t stop me from including them in my stories. It feels so good to finally catch up on your blog! 💙

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  2. Great post and wonderful additions to any outdoor garden. You can be as creative as you want to with these luxury things, but if you’re really resourceful, and you do your homework, you can find statues and fountains and other luxury items on the resale/ secondary market, at estate sales or online at eBay. So these things don’t have to be quite as pricy as they may seem. Snd it’s going outdoors anyway. So it there are a few dings or scratches and you’re handy at touch up and minor repair, you could get a great deal on an item and easily make it look new again…

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