Be Like Water.

“Be fluid, be like water, and flow around the obstacles.” Chock Kok 

Random day’s wisdom lesson that will last a life time.

Most recently, my life-long friend taught me an unexpected and valuable lesson.

It was a casual Sunday. My family and parents-in-law went out to dine at our favorite Turkish place. The only reason we know about that yummy restaurant is due to my friend’s recommendation. If we come there, we come together with her. This is a decade long tradition. It’s a given, that residing only 5 minutes away, this place, which by the way offers many healthy and delicious salads, would be her first choice.

This time, I reluctantly didn’t mention our arrival, thinking there was no time to discuss the arrangements and speculating she will want to spend time with her own parents, not ours…Admittedly, I didn’t think this through.

What was most uncomfortable is that her family and ours surprisingly or not so surprisingly stumbled across with each other at dinner.

Everyone felt awkward and confused. I came to her table to say “Hi” and explain what I thought. To my surprise, she was not upset and on the contrary was extremely friendly.

Next day, I still felt uneasy and called to apologize for creating the awkward situation.

Her answer to me was this: “Be like Water”.  “Let go of anything that prevents you from moving on.” “I am past yesterday and you should be, too.” “All is well”.

This phrase shocked and enlightened me! Not only did my friend not harbor negative feelings towards me, she urged me to forgive and forget the trespasses of others. It was so simple, obvious and made perfect sense. It caused me to reconsider my stiffness in various life situations.

Isn’t this simple? Forget what does not serve you and be like a body of water. Flow around obstacles, don’t get stuck, move on and let the negative congestion dissolve.

From that point on, I flow. I give people the benefit of the doubt. I consciously tell myself to not judge, and I stopped making assumptions that led to negative feelings and confusion.  Thanks to the wisdom of my true friend, Elena Bensonoff at Wholistic.com, I feel free.

With Gratitude and passing it forward.

Till next time.

Luda, at PlantsandBeyond.com




25 thoughts on “Be Like Water.

  1. What an invaluable lesson.. So true Luda, to let go.. So easy for us to say, yet so hard for many to do..
    It is something I learnt the hard way.. Some time ago.. But once you do, you really do see the world in a new light.. Learning there is only one moment to live and that is the NOW Moment..
    Lovely Post..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue 🙂


  2. I love it! Being a triple fire sign I gravitate to water always and need to be in it, near it, see it, feel it and flow with it. Great quote!

    I long ago “dropped” away from friends that were judgemental and critical. I have fewer friends today, which is fine by me …it all started with an interaction w a very good friend, similar to your story. I let her down at the last minute for whatever reason ( I no longer remember) and she was perfectly accepting of this and genuinely fine. I had expected irritation or anger or judgement. From that moment on I realised what it meant to select to be around people with positive energy whenever possible, as the impact is enormous. She and I have been close friends for 32 years now!



    1. Peta, So grateful for you wonderful comment. At this point, that is exactly how I feel, as well. Surrounding myself with positive, deep, meaningful people and giving back same energy is what matters the most. So happy you related to the story and very thankful for your introspection. Your blog and story are so inspiring. Planning on reading all of your posts.


  3. Difficult at times when you have put in so much emotional energy to helping a friend only, for various reasons, that friend seems to totally disregard you. This may sound as though you only help friends in order to receive something in return but, without going into great detail about a recent incident, this isn’t the case.
    I am letting it go but it doesn’t feel like letting go like water as something is not lying right

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    1. Dearest Margaret. Thank you so much for your reflection and sharing your experience. We all go through cycles that illuminate the friends and foes. At the same time, the relationships that are only one sided do not serve anyone and perhaps this is a great time to reflect on the people in your life, their actions, their life views and your own response to them. I do this continuously, and of course, get disappointed as well. I learned that I should let go of them or their hurtful actions to me, as I let the water flow, so I will not pass that hurt to anyone else. Hope this is somewhat encouraging.

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