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Garden Lessons From Public Parks

Thanks to community efforts, many city centers and towns have amazing outdoor parks. Some are basic green spaces, while others take the gardening game to new levels. They have daily gardeners, sprinkler systems, volunteers and pristine flowerbeds. Areas like these inspire visitors and plant lovers to create such eye pleasing beauty in their own homes.

What if you learned that getting such a colorful garden is possible in your own property? Admittedly, you are not a professional, and you do not have half as much space to play with as public parks. That does not mean you can not apply some of your favorite luxury features to your own outdoor space. All you need is the plan, ideas, and some proper plant groupings. 

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Think about your flowerbeds

Flowerbeds are, by far, the most spectacular part of any public gardens. They offer a splash of color which brings the garden space to life.  Not only do they brighten a green space, but public options are often arranged in most striking ways. Many public designers color code their flowers. Some even use those colors to create living figurines for displays. Bright flower spectacles you can have in your garden. All you need to do is put a little thought into your flower bed planning. Most home gardeners buy beautiful flowers without visualizing where they will fit, first. As a result, their flower beds are pretty, but nowhere near as pristine as public alternatives. Instead, by thinking your layout through, you will create a similar impact in your yard. All it takes is planning and a little patience on your part. Color themes create moods of your house. Excitement and drama are derived from the plant’s heights. Employ repetition to make your landscape seem cohesive. This is wonderfully easy.

Trim your hedges

Next time you are in a public park, take a look at the uniformed hedges. Most local parks keep hedges pristine at all times to make visitors marvel at the uniformity of plants. Some public gardeners go as far as to trim hedges into set shapes or pretty animals. Such displays drastically differ from homeowners to renters and recently, after a carpool drop of, I noticed some of the house owners let the hedges grow wild, Not only it creates a hazard where the branches just hang over hedges and hinder the passages, but it also creates an unkept look. The elegant appearance of a trimmed hedge helps everything look more symmetrical. Instead of leaving your hedges to do what they will, think about making a uniform curb appeal. You could either learn about hedge trimming yourself like my father does or contact a professional who can do it for you. We have to use the professional lawn company due to potent Florida sun and wet Summers that make all the vegetation grow with super fast speed. Your yard could look uninformed, just like the public park with a little bit of love and care.

A pond to shout about


If you are fortunate to have a garden pond, public gardens offer a lesson or two as well. Reflecting on public water features in local public parks, ornate fountains, lily pads and the whole host of wildlife comes to mind. A new water pond could be a wonderful and soothing addition to your property. There are many options to research on the web. You can find out more at Living Water Aeration and other sites like them if this an interest to you. Make sure to select the site that will provide peace and serenity and also will be safe for family pets. Keep in mind that running water is an incredibly soothing sound and is one that can help block out unwelcome noises, like traffic and passersby.

The importance of freshly mown grass

Last, but not least is the importance of freshly mown grass. Public services diligently maw their lawns to keep the public parks looking pristine. It’s part of what makes them so beautiful and pleasing. Moving your grass on a regular basis can work wonders for an appearance by keeping weeds at bay. Aside from looking amazing, a regular habit here can keep your lawn healthy.  Cutting often ensures that old grass and weeds do not go to seed and thus, the lawn maintenance remains managed.


So what are you waiting for? You can have the colorful garden of your dreams, right at your own doorsteps.


Have a very green day everyone.

Until next time, dear friends.


Photographs listed here do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com


42 thoughts on “Garden Lessons From Public Parks

      1. You’re welcome my friend and thank you. Since it’s a day late, I hope you’re having a great Tuesday!

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  1. Beautiful shared ideas dear Luda.. where would we be without our gardens, Community gardens always a delight to walk around and be inspired.. We are fortunate to have a very small pond with several shubunkin goldfish in our pond and a water lily that is very good shade for them in this heat.. We have had one flower with more to come very similar to the one you’ve shown..
    Happy Gardening my friend.. ❤ Love and Hugs

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  2. Our hedges in Singapore are always well trimmed. Some trim them to the shape of animals like a deer or a shape. If we leave our gardens derelict and unkept such that it becomes an eyesore, we can get a fine.

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  3. Your pictures are always so stunning! My husband and I are planning a move in the next few months and one thing I am going to work on is landscaping and a nice flower bed with either a small fountain or koi pond. Thanks for the tips!

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