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Easy Garden Improvements

Are you looking for new and creative ways to spruce up your garden? Why put things off to later when you can make changes right now? How about the following improvement ideas for the garden to make it much more functional, appealing and enjoyable. 

Repair Your Existing Fence


If you have exterior fencing in your garden, you will probably find that it needs to be checked, cleaned, power washed and repaired in places every year or so. The battering weather and adverse conditions can weaken your outside structures, especially make it appear dirty. By ignoring structural problems, you could end up with additional costs allocated for major repairs and more importantly unsafe conditions in your yard. Be sure to attend to those repairs and do what you can to reinforce the fence in the summer and spring months.

Plant Some Trees


Sometimes, what your outdoor space could be lacking is the color scheme, geometrical layering, and height appeal. It’s easy to get decorative trees planted in different shapes and forms. They could also serve as edible additions and feed you for the seasons to come. I love a variety of fruit trees, such as Mangos, Avocados, Mulberry, Citrus, Peaches, and Persimmons. If you fertilize, water, nurture trees and offer them, love, they will feed your family for many years. Plus, they will serve as a habitat for many animals and birds.

Tackle Problem Pests


Pests in your garden can really affect the time you spend outside, on top of damaging your edible crops. A week ago I was walking barefooted on backyard grass, while meditation and did not even feel the fire ant bite. Let’s just say, minutes later, when I got back to the house my right foot bite was itching so badly, I had to apply steroidal ointment topically just to pacify the inflammation, even at night. Just happy it did not result in further antibiotic treatment. However, what if you have problems with wasps in your garden, that’s something that you should tackle sooner rather than later. These unforgiving creatures are territorial and their sting can result in emergent conditions. Our kids, unfortunately, experienced these painful instances many times. The bitten area swells up tremendously, becomes hot to touch and stiffens. The voice gets hoarse and we were one step out of the door to visit the emergency room.  Good thing our dear Maryland friend is an emergency room doctor who paid us a courtesy visit at that point to check on the child. I do love the beneficial insects, but personally, understand the health issue the pests might cause. By tackling these problems early, you will avoid unwanted complications.

Spend More Time on Weeding


Sure, weeding can be really boring and tedious job. Sometimes those weeds seem to pop up faster than you can tackle them. However, many avid gardeners have a different perception of weeds. The beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. The natural lawn appeal verses manicured one has a rustic, earthy, comfortable feel to many people. For gardeners like me, weeds represent medicinal apothecary. Although, not many share the same sentiment. Lawn fertilizer companies are hired to maintain the very green look for some of our neighbors. My take is to tackle the weeds before they even emerge and establish an extensive root system. Keep in mind that they do compete with the water and nutrient supply of edible plants, therefore I consider them as unwanted, at least in my raised bed garden.

Introduce More Colors


A splash of color can really spruce up your outside space or garden area. My favorite way is to add window sill hanging baskets, establish container flowers arrangments and plant ornamental boarder edible plants, such as lavender or tarragon. Colors could be exactly what you need to get your garden looking fresh and vibrant once again. This is such an easy, fun and rewarding change, just get creative and let your imagination flow.

Landscape It


Landscaping your garden or backyard is an additional step that tidies up the working area and makes the lawn look even more aesthetically pleasing. On top of functional features, the geometrical or irregular designs, borders, colorful flowers, and flower or stone edges can heighten the drama. Neat, yet accessible and comfortable feel can make all the difference.


Build a Pergola

A great project to have in mind is to build a pergola. An added decorative privacy, on top of the structural addition, will definitely improve your dining space because it adds that extra privacy to your garden and a little bit of added sun protection. The transparent feeling of being outside, yet under shade an interesting feature to investigate. You can hang beautiful flower baskets or add-on plant vines to climb over it to provide extra privacy. One edible vine that I would definitely plant here is the passion flower shrub. Not only the exotic flower will brighten your garden, but it will also produce edible fruits. Varieties come either in purple or green colored fruits that taste the same. This is my own upcoming Summer goal. In place of my poor excavated frozen Mango tree, the passion flower shrub should be planted. Don’t you agree? 


Wishing you happy dreaming, planning, and gardening. Remember, dreams do come true, so what are you waiting for? Go for it.

Until next time, my dear friends.


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39 thoughts on “Easy Garden Improvements

  1. Shew this post wore me out because the ideas you posted that I have’t implemented, I want, and then I remember all the work it took to get my place the way it is. I might have to take a nap now hehehe My friend said to keep the deer at bay, she planted: Rosemary, New Zealand flax, Russian sage, Chrysanthemum, and Epimedium. Now, she did throw in that if they are really hungry because their food is scarce, nothing will keep them out. But these have helped. She also said, that something else that helps is they planted deer friendly food(She said clover, and chicory) and will throw out deer corn in the areas that the deer like to venture out. I hope that helps :):)

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    1. Ahaha- Margaret !!! You are hilarious- I like to dream, plan ahead and to share – but your information is so helpful – thank you friend for me and I thank you for thinking of my request and remembering !!! So grateful !!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I do have some garden projects and weeding to do. These are good ideas. Unfortunately, right now it is too smoky in the morning and too hot in the afternoon. And I am too lazy in the evening😁

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  3. Wonderful tips and ideas Luda, and ouch, yes those wasps can sting.. And have had several over the years.. But wasps here seem on the decline.. Not so our lovely Bees, our garden has been a buzz with them, who we so need in our gardens.

    As for weeds.. Well weeds are a constant battle,, getting to them early is the key before they produce yet more seeds..
    I know in our allotments there must be millions of dormant seeds we rake to the surface on a regular basis.. But hoeing weeds regular is the key..
    And yes, I love Dandelions, and so too do many insects like their flowers, So i try to nip off the flower heads of those embedded in the allotment paths, to stop the clock seed heads forming, not always successful lol.. And dig the others up on the plot trying to get ALL their root..

    On another note, I have left several lovely weeds in my home garden this year, as there pretty pink flowers were complimentary.. So yes.. A weed is a weed in the eye of the beholder..

    Great Post Luda.. ❤ xx

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