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3 Ways to Spice Up Your Garden

If you are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to bring more life into your garden, then the good news is that there are plenty such ways to do so.


As it happens, there are always ways you can do to make sure that your garden has a little more intrigue and excitement, and you might be surprised at how easy it is to make this happen. Spicing up your gardening space is really quite easier than you can imagine. 

Vary The Plants

gardean path

The plants are obviously the most exciting living addition to the garden and with a change of seasons and weather variables its fun to add different flowers and plants that will add on texture, color, height and smell to your landscape.  the thing in the profile of the garden, and by varying the number of different kinds you’ve you should find that you are able to spice up your garden to no end. I love being creative in the garden and can’t wait to research the local nurseries for different ideas and available plants. Also, the internet comes in handy and I look at other nurseries and garden centers for various zone plants that are offered in other regions. If you are struggling to know which plants to go for, you might want to just visit a nursery or Lucas Greenhouses and have a browse. There are multiple options, in your state to peak at. To me, looking at vegetative options is therapeutic and when its too hot outside (Florida is gruesome right now), the internet comes in very handy. You might be surprised at just how much variance you can find out there that your own region does not offer. 

Have A Focal Point

This is my own edible flower/herb basket that became a holiday gift

One of the great ways to really improve the look of your garden is to try to have an architectural structure, such as a stature, wheelbarrow full of colorful flowers or a fountain.  You can find beautiful pieces at antique sales or local nurseries. My preference would be an antique fountain. Even if it is not functional, I would add on dirt and plants to it. One of my dreams to do so to one of my existing fountain that is hiding in the bushes, of all places. It is still there due to its heavy weight. Peaking at it daily, really prompts this post and further flower ideas. Now, if only someone would be strong enough to do the labor of relocating it to the more focal area of the garden.

Make It Edible

Gardener Vegetable Garden Vegetables

Edible gardens are becoming more and more popular these days, due to its sustainability, nutritional benefits and all the positive health effects on body and mind. Of course, my idea is to have as many edibles as possible, taking over the whole garden space.  I am aware that I get greedy with any available space and want to plant as many seeds and plants as it fits, but most people just like to experiment and see a uniform edible design. All the harvest that you bring from your garden to table, is worth all the effort, in my book. Just imagine, eating all the nutritious, organic food that you grew yourself without pesticides or any chemicals. Just like the nature intended. 


Wishing you a fun way to garden, with noticing the beauty all around you.


The photographs listed here do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com except for the edible flower basket next to the boy-cherub.



51 thoughts on “3 Ways to Spice Up Your Garden

  1. I wasn’t done! 😅😅 My sixteen year old finished her agriculture class in highschool. She is now attempting an edible garden. Potatoes 😒. I hope she expands her choices. 😀

    I hope to have enough time soon to really get my hands dirty this way. It would be my pleasure.

    Hugs! Hope you have a lovely Tuesday! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mel, you should be so proud your teenager wants to plant something, and on top of it an edible! Let her start with potatoes. I bet if they turn out, she will move on to the next crop. So wonderful and happy Tuesday to you!


      1. I wasn’t finished replying! Lol! Thank you for your encouraging words. I had a super busy day yesterday but I wanted to say… I hope you’re doing well and thank you… for sunshine.😘

        We will be having all kinds of spud dishes or… frankenspud might be more like it. Lol! I’m excited to see how far along she gets. We have an herb garden and really appreciate it. So yes!!! I’m happy and proud.

        Have a lovely Wednesday! 😘

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  2. I am growing – or at least attempting to grow – a variety of edibles.
    And we do have five lemon trees (four that produce) and a bitter orange tree.We use the lemon and orange juice in our cakes ( we have a home based baking business)
    I began making Jam and Marmalade for the first time last year, which was loads of fun.
    I wish I was that keen to be a proper veggie gardener but it takes a lot more dedication than I have.
    On saying that, I have managed to grow a few beans cabbage, and potato – sweet and normal,
    Tomatoes seem fickle for me but the cocktail ones grow by themselves from discarded tomatoes.
    I plant spinach once or twice a year and spring onions too with varying degrees of success, but something usually pops up.
    We planted a goosberry bush a few yeas back and now it self seeds -so there’s fruit for jam here as well.
    I have had a bit of success with chillis as the family use chilli all the time.
    However, I have never manage to grow a carrot!

    All said and done, no matter the quantity of home produce, simply being able to wander out to the garden and pick a lemon, an onion or some parsely is such a joy.
    Oh, and since three weeks ago, we also have five hens running around the place!

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    1. I love your hens. That’s my dream, maybe when kids are out of the house 😉 Just think they re so cute. What stroke me the most is the gooseberry bush. Wow, we had them abundantly growing in Kiev, but its a wonder crop here. No one grows it or knows about it. So strange. I didn’t even try yet, but really should. Your citrus trees sound wonderful. We have that one sour orange tree with such huge thorns. It does well, but citrus has the citrus greening disease, which is so unfortunate for Florida. Would love to try your jam. that sounds fantastic! Thank you, Ark, for all the plant discription. All the veggie sand citrus trees really sound so festive and productive in your yard. Very happy for you


  3. I’ll like to start with an edible garden. Tomatoes perhaps? I’m not sure as yet, but I’ve been thinking about it lately because of your blog and I’ve been reading up on potted plants.

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    1. Awww, you made my day so much better, D! Send me pict of your yard or pots and the amount of sun you have. That way, the decision will be more educated and beneficial. need to know your zone too-for instance ours is 9 and tomatoes need to be planted in September. Maryland was 5 and May through Summer was the only time to grow tomatoes. Let’s see the space and sun requirements pls. Would love to plan this out with you.

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      1. My yard is not spacious, but I’ll get to it when I get the time to breathe. 😄Thanks so much, Luda. I appreciate it. 💙

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  4. I enjoy edible gardens. They are so pleasing to the eye and the benefits of having fresh veggies to pick makes dinner so enjoyable. I love your cherub! The right architectural pieces make the garden that much prettier. 🤗🌻❤

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  5. I like that you mention the smells. Sometimes I forget to just draw in a deep breath through the nose and “taste” my spicy garden that way.
    Nice little cherub! Good luck with moving the old fountain.

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  6. What a great post! Finally catching up. Yes, having a focal point totally makes for a much more interesting garden. A sculpture or some kind of outdoor art or self contained fountain really adds a nice dimension to a beautiful garden. Also illuminating the focal point with landscape lighting also adds beauty at dusk and st night. Amazing pictures as usual! Thank you so much!

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