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4 Fun Additions to Your Garden

No need to overwhelm yourself with huge backyard projects. Garden and outdoor space can be a serene place where you find balance and a piece of mind while enjoying your hobbies and surroundings.

1. Set Up a Mini Patch


Setting up a mini green space is important for your wellbeing. Whether the plants reside inside your house, a little corner of fresh herbs on the windowsill or backyard, it will allow you to connect to nature, earth, breath fresh air, improved physical and mental health and of course rip edible rewards, literally. Nothing tastes better than fresh produce, picked from your own garden. Herbs, plants, greens, fruits, berries and my very favorite, vegetables, are the ultimate reward for dedicating your time to amending and caring for your garden.

2. Make it an Area for Leisure and Play


Another excellent idea would be to turn the garden into an area for leisure and play. To do this, its best to think about what would fit best in your yard. Try setting up a relaxation area, and perhaps a canopy to enjoy the birds, butterflies, and warm sunshine rays.  The other great and fun addition is the basketball hoops, tennis or foosball tables, that might keep your kids active for hours. Who knows, maybe you will join them in all the active excitement as well.  It’s a great social way to keep active and even when guests come over, they might participate in the friendly competition.

3. Add Decking


Making a secure and convenient access to the garden is quite important to me. The transition from the house to the outside area provides not only a comfortable sitting space but also serves as storage sometimes. I keep my plants and seedlings in the deck area, prior to transporting them to the actual garden, so they can harden and get acclimated to the outside weather conditions. Adding decking to the house is an important step to the house improvement and I couldn’t be without it. Plus, we get to entertain the guests at times on the deck, when the weather is nice. Looks like there are multiple wonderful uses for this fun addition.


4. Consider a Water Feature


Not only a pretty, ornate fountain or pond feature adds to the property design and texture, they attract birds, creates serenity near the house and cools the area down. Another water feature that plays an important role in the yard is automatic irrigation system will save you time and effort in watering your garden. During hot Summer months, its crucial to water the garden plants either in the morning or evening, every day at the same time. Having the slow drip water system saved my growing plants and our prospective crops from year to year. The water comes on at the same time in the morning and I can see exactly what plant and what area gets enough water or remains dry.


Wishing you happy planning, playing, relaxing and gardening. Have a wonderful Friday, my friends!


The photographs listed here do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com



44 thoughts on “4 Fun Additions to Your Garden

  1. I would love to have a small garden at home, but we don’t have enough water to pour over the plants, particularly in summer. So we grow quite a few plants that require little water. 🙂

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      1. Ground water in my locality is high in iron, and it causes damages to my dish washer, washing machine, etc. So we stopped using ground water, and depending on the piped water supply alone which is usually restricted & inadequate during summer. Now I know how precious is water. 🙂


  2. Beautiful pictures and very creative ideas! I love the addition of water and ponds. Motion and sounds of water is very relaxing to add to the visual elements of any garden! Also, your background wall paper on the blog- just amazing, Luda! It’s looking better all the time !

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    1. Awwww. Thank you, EWF. That’s really kind of you. I love this herbal wall paper , too 😉 the artist, Lisa, is so talented, just don’t know how she puts all the pertinent garden images together. Thank you for reading and commenting. Have a great Friday ✨🌿☀️


  3. Wonderful ideas and additions Luda.. You have my iron table and chairs LOL.. I painted mine black last year or was it the year before LOL.. from green. And one sits in the last sunny place in the garden so I move around with the Sun.. 🙂 lol
    We have a small fish pond too.. not so many fish this year only three now.. and frogs.. But the sound of water trickling so peaceful, And the water lilies are always a bonus when they bloom..
    Such beautiful photos..
    Enjoy your weekend relaxing in your own garden Luda..
    Love and Hugs your way xx ❤

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    1. Awww- thank you, Sue! You , too have a great weekend . Your pond sounds so serene – would love to hear all the frog songs and the chairs , lol! You said do right – they can be loved around !!!!!!💕☀️🌱☀️💕

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  4. I have a water feature – a 100,000 litre pool that has been a koi pond since the day we moved in.

    That’s a fine looking deck, but my woodworking skills run only as far as sharpening a pencil II’m afraid!

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      1. Wooooow- is this your yard ? It’s stunning – esp love the pict of feeding the fish with hands – everything looks serene , peaceful and inviting – I should really add your pict to the posts – amazing ! And thank you for sharing, Ark!


  5. Lovely ideas, I feel having space outside is so important. Doesn’t matter how big. As long as you have a space you can sit and be outside it helps me to wind down and forget about any of the stress that may have occurred during the day.

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