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Outdoor Squats: Turn Your Gardening Into A Workout

Who needs exercise when you can work out while Gardening? 

Do you wish you didn’t have to do as much gardening so that you had more time for exercise? Or maybe it’s the other way around for you-you are busy working out so much that your garden is starting to look ever so slightly neglected! Well, have you ever thought about combining the two?


This works for me, never have to spend any time in the gym and worst of all driving there and back, sweaty. It may sound quite silly, but you may be amazed at how good this works. Why not turn your gardening into a workout?! It is actually very easy and natural to do and you won’t have to spend time, money on an expensive gym membership of exercise equipment. Here are a few things to get you started.

Carrying Heavy Materials


There will be some outside jobs in the garden that require heavy items to be lifted and carried around. For instance, carrying a hand load of fresh organic dirt is heavy for me. But I get that all of this heavy lifting will help burn calories and strengthen the muscles. Even piling a load of rubble or debris into your wheelbarrow and pushing it around is a good workout. It gets your arms working and encourages their muscles to develop and get stronger. Just remember to hold proper form when you lift heavy objects to protect your back.



Digging is hard work. That is something that most gardeners will agree on, especially if your soil is mostly clay. Thankfully, though, all that labor pays off. When you dig up your garden, you are getting a full body workout. That’s because your arms and legs are working equally to help you get whatever it is out of the ground. Not only that,  but your core muscles will also be feeling it too, especially if you are standing and using a long-handled spade. Your core will be engaged to help you balance. After digging, squatting, planting, mulching and watering, it feels like a whole work out to me, for sure.

Mowing The Lawn


If you have a lawnmower that you sit on, it’s worth visiting planopower.com and buying yourself one that you need to push to gain work out benefits. Pushing a mower around your lawn will help you burn a whole load of calories. The bigger your lawn mower, the more calories you will burn! You should see my lawn mowing company owner. He sits on top of the mower, does a great job, and his extended stomach is an attribute to all his hard efforts. However, the helpers that he hired remained slim and trim. He is not out of breath, sitting all day, but the diligent helpers must have an amazing workout, walking, carrying and using all the hand equipment. Sometimes, I feel as the walking and working lawn guys are getting much better work out than me.



Weeding may not seem like such a strenuous activity as there is little movement involved. But there are ways to turn it into a workout – for instance, why not squat while you pull out all the weeds? I looked up the proper way how to squat correctly at betterbuttchallenge.com. Haha. Yes, if I am already doing something, it should be beneficial and perfect. Since I do not exercise outside of the gardening activity, this looks like a perfect work out for my time. This makes me laugh and I wanted to share it with you, guys. I thought it was humorous to include this idea and at the same time, there is truth in every joke.


So, you don’t need to sacrifice your workouts for your gardening chores, or vice versa. It’s perfectly easy to bring the two together! I love to combine both to the point that I am dreaming of lying down right after and relax.

Wishing you a fun way to garden, since it beats any other exercises, in my book.


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37 thoughts on “Outdoor Squats: Turn Your Gardening Into A Workout

  1. And best of all the exercise you get working in the garden, it is free. I have never been at an workout centre, but I heard they are very expensive. Thank you, Luda, for praising the benefits of healthy garden work!

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    1. Ha! Now come to me. You can exercise here galore, weeding 🙂 Just kidding. Thank you, sweet Lisa. I know, I get so sore, too after all the squats, digging and moving things around. Its a whole body work out for sure.

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  2. Great perspective… “Bring the two together”… with weeding you can get a great stretch if you choose to pull the weeds furthest from your body. This was a grear post! 😉

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