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Protect Your Plants From The Heat

With Summer here, your garden is in full bloom – a testament to all of your hard work getting it ready. However, when the high temperatures arrive, your plants and flowers need special care.


Water plants and flowers consistently


If you drink water, then your plants drink it too. Most plants and flowers tend to get extra thirsty in the high heat. Watering them consistently every day, in the morning or the evening before the sun is out with cooler temperatures, makes a whole lot of difference in the plant’s life. If you water them when during the midday, not only the water will evaporate, but also the plants will get scorched and burned, especially if you get the drops on the leaves. This definitely happened to me at the beginning of my gardening exploration. If you have overhead sprinkling system please make sure it doesn’t spray on top of the plants either. It promotes disease such as fungus and sunburn. The watering technique is truly essential and using the best garden hose, you can save yourself lots of trouble down the road and promote healthy and happy plant growth. The continuous source of water each day ensures proper plant management. Other alternatives include sprinklers and irrigation systems and the same watering rules apply. 

Shade your Plants



If you can, move your plants to a shaded part of your backyard or the house, so they can get indirect sun rays and enjoy cooler outside spots during the Summer months. It works best with potted plants, but those in garden beds might be trickier. For these, you can create some temporary garden shade using canopies, gazebos or my favorite custom material screens. I apply them at all times on my raised vegetable beds to protect from strong sun rays, winds or heavy rains. They work pretty efficiently from year to year. In particular, if you have a vegetable patch, then its a great necessity to provide for your garden.  



Use Mulch


If you haven’t already done so, line your flower and vegetable beds with mulch to help keep roots cool, stop water evaporation and to provide extra protection to plants. Mulch is usually ph balanced so most plants will benefit from adding it to their soil — even plants in containers. Have you ever tried making your own mulch using straw, cut grass, and leaves – it’s easy to do and can provide many benefits and nutrients to your plant and flowers. It requires patience and perseverance but pays off at the end, by adding protection, saving money by skipping the fertilizers and its safe for the ecosystem. 


Resist the temptation to cut

Despite your best efforts, some parts of your plants and flowers could still end up with sun damage. While you might want to reach for the Clippers, it’s best that you hold off on making any cuts until the hot weather has passed. This way you can protect the healthy leaves and flowers underneath, ready to reveal them when the temperatures cool down. Your garden can go through a lot during the summer months, so it’s important that you maintain it with love and care. With your garden looking its best, why not host a garden party this summer? Garden parties are a great way to entertain friends and family, as well as show off your beautiful handiwork.



Protect your garden from the heat to help keep your plants and blooms bright and healthy so you can enjoy them throughout the seasons.

Have a very hydrated day, my dear friends!


Photographs listed here do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com except for the covered Bok-Choy in raised garden bed.


13 thoughts on “Protect Your Plants From The Heat

  1. Watering the plants in the garden and the flowers is very important indeed when we go through a dry spell especially when it is also very warm. During the present heat wave in our region I have to water twice a day. I am glad you pointed out not to water during the heat of the day, Luda.

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  2. I find myself drinking more water than I used to when out in the yard. In the same vein, I find that evaporation rates after a rain have also increased making the yard dry out quicker. So yeah, hydration is a good idea. I’ve also gone for applying shade too. I always enjoy your posts!

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