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Be Near Nature And Change Your Life

~ Have you ever felt peace, rejuvenation, calmness when you find yourself next to Nature? βœ¨πŸŒ³β˜€οΈπŸŒΏβœ¨

Healing through nature

How about taking in the view of breathtaking greenery behind your window? The refreshing and relaxing effect of Green color making a positive effect on our brains.


There is a multitude of scientific studies done to this day, proving that Nature heals. Looking at Nature and listening to its sounds, calms our overstimulated brains, slows our stress and flight response to daily life and promotes the sense of well-being.


Nature Is An Abundant Source Of Negative Ions

Every day modern technology emits positive ions that electrify our body cells. What does it mean? It increases inflammation, stress, and inability of the body to fight disease. Our electromagnetic body meridians are restored once we get in contact with Nature. Trees, water and earth generates negative ions that de-electrify us and in return promote faster healing response to any foreign passengers.

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Exercise Outside

Not only your exercise regimen will become more scenic, but your brains will be able to absorb more oxygen. In result, your level of alertness and focus will increase. Your working memory will function much better and perhaps you will come up with an answer to the perplexing dilemma you were searching for a long time.


Nature Bestows Us With The Sense Of Awe

Feeling uninspired? Then you look into the phone or computer screen to search for some news. Instead, look outside through your window. Never ending display of natural colors will leave you motivated, inspired and gratified for many things that you took for granted. Moreover, you feel a connection to something grand without any obligations. Thus, the meditative process begins and you stay present and grounded.


Take A Dive Into Nature

If you are looking a bit of a break from your usual routine, why don’t you dive into Nature? Take a 5-minute walk outside, or shift your gaze toward your green plant. Just observing the greenery will make you calmer and more alert, according to science.


Happy Grounding, Foresting, and Rebalancing to carry you through the week, my dear friends.


The images here do not belong to Luda, but they sure install the feeling of calm.


61 thoughts on “Be Near Nature And Change Your Life

  1. My wife and I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a vigorous walk through the woods. In our era dominated by modern technology it is more important than ever before to return to Nature. Thank you, Luda, for sharing your valuable ideas with us!

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  2. When I am feeling sick, or depressed, or down, or even anxious. Going outside makes it better. No matter how bad it is, I know it will get better if I just get up and walk out the door.


  3. Beautiful post Luda. Totally agree with you. My daily walk in nature is my medicine against the stress. I really like the way you have presented the information. Very nice choice of photos too. πŸ’•

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