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The Social Network Of Trees

~ Trees invented social media way before humans created the internet. A hidden network creates a thriving community among individual Trees.

All life form is interdependent on each other. Plants, trees, grass, bushes, and shrubs are “all alive” albeit in their own way. It’s the Mother Earth which is the foundational source of all life – both above ground and underground. It provides the necessary and vital ingredients to sustain life to all creatures, including human. This natural phenomenon was invented way before any world wide web was ever in existence.

A photograph of sunlight rays that grace this sheltering tree and its environment was taken by  on 

tree sunlight
Image by Smile/Mercury Twin

What a wonderful artistic expression of the biology and communication within trees. Do you ever wonder what they think of us? Thank goodness they are rooted in Mother Earth or they might be chasing us down the road.

Image by Smile/Mercury Twin

Next time, you find yourself strolling through wooded paths, you might like to think of Trees as part of a superorganism, chatting, swapping information and food.

Have a very green day, my dear friends.


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44 thoughts on “The Social Network Of Trees

  1. I read the BBC article on the role of fungus using your link in your interesting post on how in nature everything is interconnected. The article confirmed, what I have experienced myself in the woods while picking mushrooms. Thank you, Luda, for sharing this valuable information!

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    1. Thank you Peter and I should add that happens to me every time I am in nature. Not only looking for mushrooms, but just going through every day dirt. Something magical is shared with humans and I am grateful for it.

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  2. They do speak and if you stand on a large root of the tall trees you can talk with them. They speak in a different language to us but we can hear them if we choose. This is why we have to be moderate in all things we do including fruit and vegetables. Overeating plants is harmful too. I have received some amazing messages in the past from old trees.

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    1. Wow, please share with me how to communicate better with trees. I do every day, but would love to hear messages too. Amazing to me, Nanette. I send them love and thank them for their presence, but how do I hear them?

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    2. You are absolutely right and perfect as I observed in many instance on our hiking sessions roots of larger trees carry a greater affection I observed while sitting on roots which are spread over the earth surface it is an amazing peaceful experience. We had a big relaxing time in the tree shade and some what no words to explain. I will share these big trees with large roots in India Africa and in Cambodia as well. I must search back my previous data. It’s a great topic to discuss and share. Cheers to all friends share their views.


  3. Your whole blog is so smart! I have been trying to be better about reading and I really enjoyed this blog in particular because I have a special obsession over trees and plants live. I just feel like I can breathe better and everything is just simply more beautiful! Trees have a wisdom about them that make me feel safe.

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