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Edible Viola Flowers

~ Similar to its sister the pansy, viola stands up to cold weather as well as to heat. 


Pansy is a biennial grown a brightly colored edible flower. There are numerous varieties and perform best during the cool days of spring and fall, and will grow and flower all winter in USDA hardiness zones 8 through 11. The plants need some shade and lots of moisture during hot weather and are not suitable for the summer in USDA hardiness zones 8 through 11.


I love adding these edible flowers to my flower arrangements, salads, container gardens and simply just looking at the colorful petals.  They are also ideal for borders, masses in landscape and window boxes. I think think that is exactly where they are landing themselves this year.








Have an absolutely multicolored day, my dear friends.


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29 thoughts on “Edible Viola Flowers

  1. I grow these beautiful pansies too Luda, and have some right now in wall tubs on the side of my home… They certainly are edible and make a salad dish look something special with a few flowers sprinkled over it..
    Sending Huge Hugs your way Luda.. Happy Gardening my friend… Lots of Love your way. ❤

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