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Creating A Lush Garden For Life

~ Having a lush garden could be fun and deeply satisfying for the soul. 


While your garden will certainly change depending on the season, what you are growing, and how much time you are investing in its maintenance will influence the daily interaction flow between you and your plants. Plants will thank you with their blooms smiling back at you when gardening turns into a fun, instead of a chore. Enjoying the lush garden creates a sense of serenity and peace inside our spirits. Hopefully, this outside gratifying hobby will spark an interest in you and will bring you lasting satisfaction.


Plant Green Shrubs and Bushes

Flowers are magical and colorful but do not just plant the blooms. Boast them in front of shrubs and bushes and even trees. If you want your garden to look lush, green multitiered planting is a good approach. Different heights of bushes and shrubs will provide the 3D feast for the eyes. Some plants may need a little more space to grow, so please read the labels that the shrubs come with and plant accordingly to make your new green babies thrive and fill in space. 


Test Your Soil

If you want to create a lush, beautiful garden, the first thing you need to focus on is your soil. Make it your mission to add organic matter to your soil beds every year to ensure they are ready to grow your lush plants, and consider testing for soil type so you can accurately plant the types of plants and flowers that suit it. Most plants need to be fertilized regularly, even with the right type of soil, so make sure you know the maintenance required for the kinds of plants you want to grow.


Deciding What To Plant

There are numerous ways you can decide what to plant. Taking your soil into account is just one way.  Depends where you are in the world, truly precludes the further planting choices. Sun, wind and all the potential weather conditions need to be considered, along with the flood zone and water restrictions in your neighborhood. Space and plant color preference is another factor. Perhaps you want to try a garden that displays seasonal color or different shapes of the plants. Or is it the shade and protection that you prefer to minimize the electric bill and establish privacy from the onlookers? No matter what your decision is, try not to overwhelm yourself. If you are still unsure, ask for help at your local garden center and bring your landscape pictures with you. 


Keep Your Plants Safe

As well as making sure your soil is healthy and that you’re choosing the right kinds of plants, you will need to keep your plants safe. You can look into helpful instruments such as tsurumi pump if your garden is prone to flooding, and this will keep your plants safe – along with other elements of your home and garden. Homemade sprays to keep your plants from pests infestation is another remedy to protect the garden. Of course, look into the fence or decorative border around the planted greenery to define the edges and make the whole new section look adorable.


Download Apps To Stay On Top Of Your Gardening Efforts

If you are a beginner gardener, a little help will not go amiss. Why not download a few apps to help you to stay on top of your gardening efforts? Figure out what you need help with and then go from there, reading reviews to find the right app for you. Just a few options include:

  • Garden Answers.
  • Gardening Companion.
  • Leafsnap.
  • My Soil.

Are you ready to create a lush garden for life? Have fun!


Have a very green day, my dear friends, filled with inspiring ideas.


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42 thoughts on “Creating A Lush Garden For Life

  1. I love the idea of using conifers along with deciduous trees and shrubs to add a lush backdrop to our flower and vegetable gardens. That extra layer of green really makes our gardens stand out in summer and conifers add much-needed color in the winter!

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