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New Year, New Garden Plans!

~ Right now, Spring seems so far away, but it will be here before you know it. Time does not wait for anyone. The seasonal cycle repeats itself every 365 days and perhaps this is the year your dream of having a garden will come to life. Finish procrastinating once and for all and really think about the plants that you always wanted to enjoy outside. Instead of missing the gardening boat, yet another year, make real plans to plant new growth. Take on an exciting landscaping hobby or prepare for another round of beautiful flowers and plants that will spark up your life every single day.  To help you, here are some inspiring ideas to work on.

sprouts garden

Have A Big Clear Out

First things first. Looking at your yard, the very first thing to do is to envision it through visitors perspective. Is there anything that is dirty, misplaced, overgrown and needs cleaning up? Do you need to sharpen your tools for the upcoming gardening season? How about simply washing them to scrape off the dust, debris or even old caked up dirt fungus, that you are not even aware of? Surely, there is no reason to spread the previous growing season’s problems. The winter months are the best time to get out there and remove what does not belong in the yard.  This is the time to have a good sorting and cleaning of the shed and garage. Come spring and you will be thoroughly ready to start your gardening hobby all over again.


Create A Rose Garden

The next thing that you might want to think about is setting up a rose garden. These flowers on these shrubs look so alluring and smell divine. Pollinators will be attracted to the flowers, including hummingbirds and you! Imagine, coming out in the morning to actually smell the roses. The dream could be your reality if you simply start with a couple of rose shrubs that thrive in your own area. I read up on how to grow a rose garden and contacted local nurseries to inquire what types grow well in specific areas, even in your own town. It could easily be split up in two different gardening zones due to variation in climate. My rose bushes happily surround and sometimes overtake one side of the garden. They need to be trimmed every season, although I have to say the reward of inhaling the aroma of one single rose flower makes all the positive difference.  

sprouts garden1

Grow Your Own

If you’ve always wanted to grow your own fruit or vegetables, then maybe this is the year that you are going to do it? For this, you have got a bit of time still, as most of your vegetables will not need to be planted before late spring. However, its time to plan right now. Thus, this site piqued my interest where you can find a different type of greenhouse for sale. The dome construction of these greenhouses sure look ergonomically designed to have in on the property and pretty functional to me. You may research what edibles you are planning on growing and calculate the time scale the desired seeds will need to germinate and develop further.   


Dress Up The Dining Space

But then also, you might want to spruce up your outdoor dining space too. The upcoming roses that will grow in your own garden will work so well as cut flowers. Placing them at the center of the table inside the house or on the outside porch table will add on charm and vitality.


Have an absolutely green and inspiring day, my dear friends.


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24 thoughts on “New Year, New Garden Plans!

  1. Thank you. Luda, for another great post! Planning a garden is the first step to a pleasant and healthy environment. My wife has many different roses in our yard, which she tenderly cares for, when our winter retreats and the snow is gone.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love roses I used have the Pink and Cream Rose as pictured here, it was a strong plant with a mass of flowers, I loved pruning her to make her blossom more. I also had a few fragrant rose bushes adored them.


  3. Wow! Those are some FABULOUS ideas Luda! Goodness, I could smell the roses through my screen and taste the veggies on my Gene Simmons tongue!!! 👅 hehehe

    Btw Ma’am, I think you might enjoy my latest blog-post. It’s sort of your cup-a-tea me thinks. 😉


  4. Beautiful Luda.. I bought some spring bulbs Hyacinths, and they are now in flower on my kitchen window sill. Bringing indoors a little spring early.. Its always good to look forward to Spring.. We have already been planning where to plant our veggies this year..
    I am pleased your rose bushes are Happy…
    Wishing you a lovely weekend Luda.. much love ❤

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      1. They are beautiful they are blue ones and their scent is beautiful it fills the air better than any airfreshner.. 😀 and these are just for my pleasure.. The ones planted in the garden are not even poking their heads up yet.. 😀

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      2. If you google British Hyacinths you will see how lovely they look when planted together indoors. They will also grow in Hyacinth glass’s with only water.. If you set them off in a dark cool cupboard.

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  5. Beautiful roses, aren’t they the best to spruce up anything!! You are a natural Nature of the Earth….lovely ways to fix up any environment and Spring is around the corner. Lovely just like you my friend!!

    Liked by 1 person

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