Entertaining Outdoors

If you’re thinking about renovating or remodeling your home this year, improving and updating your outside backyard or garden would be a nice project to consider.  In the past, green space and garden were fairly typical, traditional and basic area attached to the housing. You might have had a stretch of green if you were lucky, a pool and perhaps a seating area. But times have changed for the best, and today, your outdoor space can be so much more aligned with your vision and dreams. It can be tranquil, stunning, bold, elegant and even serene. Having friends over the weekend inspired this blog post. So, let’s look at some of the coolest possibilities for your outdoor area.

outdoor kitchen
Custom Outdoor Kitchen by Paradise Restored Landscaping _ Flickr.html

Outdoor Kitchen

What about an outdoor food preparation zone and kitchen? Nope, we’re not talking about a simple barbecue here. Instead, think bigger and consider planning an entire outdoor kitchen for your home. In the summer, it is hot in the kitchen and house, and it gets worse when cooking, especially with all the odors that exude from the meals. If you have an outdoor space, you can cook in the comfort of outside areas and get the benefits of the fresh air. As well as this, it allows for a different type of dinner party where you can prepare the food while still interacting with your guests in a natural environment.  Sound good? It does to me, especially leaving the inside of the house clean and smell free.


Light The Fire

This feature always caught my attention. It seems so cozy and inviting to have the fire pit going in the evening. You can cook smores, baked potatoes and even hot dogs (we did that when the snow in Maryland left us with no power for four days). It could serve as a centerpiece in the outside dining table or as a backyard scenic addition. Looks like Real Flame have a range of exciting outdoor fire display options or your local garden shop might have some fire pit ideas as well.

Wooden Deck Flake Makeover _ _ Flickr.html

Elevated Decking

Finally, adding an elevated deck to your outdoor space will provide another layer for your garden, sitting area, entertaining, and esthetics. It seems regal and comfortable at the same time when you are sharing food or refreshments with your guests or just relaxing outside on your own. This image makes me want to grab my morning coffee, get outside, walk or sit around, enjoying the greenery and meditate.

Have a very green, fun-filled day, my dear friends.


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32 thoughts on “Entertaining Outdoors

  1. The fire pit in your backyard is a wonderful addition to your garden decor. It brings the romance of a campfire to your own home. It is a gathering place to spend a summer evening together with your friends and neighbours. Light the Fire is the part I like best in your post today. Luda.

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