If You Ran Your Own Small Country

If you Ran your own Small Country, what would be rule # 1?




Found this mind teasing image and wanted to ask my friends, what would your rule be?

I don’t think I would have any rules πŸ˜‰ but that thought is subject to change.

Have a Fun Friday, friends.


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53 thoughts on “If You Ran Your Own Small Country

  1. This is such a great prompt. AT first it is simple, but the more you think about it the more complex it becomes. I personally do not like government but I think that above all others to do no harm to others would be the only real rule/ law. It would all come back to do not harm others.

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  2. What a great question, and not so easy to answer! At a minimum, I would have to say that Rule #1 must be that it be as beautiful as so many of the photos on your blog, so that everyone living there could enjoy the beauty! πŸ™‚ ❀ After that, I would want to ensure that there is equity and respect for others (or as Terri Fortner, above, said so perfectly "do no harm to others"!). πŸ™‚ ❀

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    1. Thank you Ark for your thoughts. My kids have mandatory religion course in their high school. I guess its not like that in other schools. In fact, my son would come home this Summer and argue the cons and pros of each religion.


      1. Yes, of course. Can’t graduate high school until one takes religion course and philosophy the next year. Also, they are offered for extra payment to get them out of the way during Summer. Son pestered us to get it off his plate and finally succeeded. He is a history fanatic and loved the course. What was interesting that his PH.D. history professor told kids that “spiritual people” (aka-me) are really religious. So the son was pounding that into me that I must be religious, after all… so they studied, Hindu, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism…

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  3. Drink as much coffee as you like! πŸ˜‰Seriously, though, I can’t think of anything at the moment.


  4. I would give the same rules to everyone, rich and poor, unlike now, there are rules for the rich and totally different rules for the rest. For me there is not 1 country that can say it is democratic, not one !!

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  5. This is so thought-provoking! Thank you. #1 rule- Christy does not lead a small country. PERIOD. 😳 Comments above were great… yes… teach religion in schools, peace to others and stop all violence IMMEDIATELY, and respect the world we live in.

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  6. Difficult one as there would have to be some form of organisation. Love God and learn to integrate into the environment in listening and understanding our bird, animal and plant families. Definitely no religions. Though I do respect other’s beliefs.

    Luda why no rules? Would there be chaos?

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    1. Bc it seems that any time there are rules , human nature tends to break them:) love you idea understanding our animal and plant kingdom – there a must – we can learn so much from them – love and blessings, Nanette πŸŒΈβ˜€οΈπŸ’šβ˜€οΈπŸŒΈ

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    2. I think rules tend to be put in place as a form of control.
      I think respect for one another and a desire to work together for the common goal tends to disintegrate. In workplaces where the bosses force strict rules, the turnover can be very high. When workplaces focus on the healthy wellbeing of their workforce and provide opportunities for social interaction, teamwork, recognising worker ideas and benefits that provide good living, the workers become loyal and vibrant in their work.

      A country / world needs to be built on the idea that we are all involved in the process of making our living environment a place of contentment for all life forms.

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      1. In that sort of system, lazy people would not receive very many benefits. If rules worked for lazy people, then we wouldn’t have any now, but I think we do. Rules are hard, unbendable and in actual fact can serve to block some kinds of justice. People have an uncanny knack for getting around rules. If we had a more communal type of system, people would participate as much or as little as they want to benefit from mutual work and resources… A sort of point system if you like. It would be a form of capitalism (you and your immediate family get what you work for), without the overriding dictation of ‘owners’ taking the profits. They would be distributed based on merit within whatever system of production they choose. Of course that is simplified and it would take a think tank to devise a workable, symbiotic system. And taxes would still happen in some form to provide education, health, transportation and social welfare for the disadvantaged and the elderly. But we could do all of that in local administration. Without a national government overriding body, we would not see taxes wasted on needless burocracy, war, etc. We can focus on local issues for local people world wide. Free trading between localities would occur with local set prices… And they would be the same for everyone without penalty. Shipping charges would depend solely on distance.

        I could go on and on, but of course their will be holes in my opinion. I think the basic idea is worth consideration. After all, the present system is not fair to everyone.

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      2. Wow, Collette you really have put some excellent thought into this. I like your ideas. It would work too. We need people like you in the world who can organise, design and create. My thoughts were just off the spare of the moment.

        You may have holes in your thoughts but I am sure there will be someone who is like minded who can bridge or fill the gaps.

        Bless you Collette you have an amazing mind and soul.

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      3. So impressed with your ideas, Colette. Wow. So much food for thought and I am very very very grateful to get such input. Something to ponder on at dinner table today. You sure sound like a wonderful leader. Just like Nanette said, bless you and truly thank you for inspiring vision

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  7. Everyone must have their own garden bedroom suite with a full bath and fountain. πŸ’œ Why? We all need privacy to stay sane and we all will want to give space to others when necessary. It makes all responsible for that space, the only private area ruled by you. No excuses! No one else to blame. The choice is yours within that space… πŸš½πŸ›€πŸ›Œ plus πŸ‘šπŸ‘ŸπŸŽ’ and πŸ›‹πŸŽΆπŸ“–.

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