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A Swimming Pool In Your Garden?

Having your very own swimming pool is not exactly cheap to install or to maintain.



Even affordable swimming pool does not mean a quick financial investment or an easy house structure to take care of. Many of our friends built their own pool with an unforeseen multitude of problems, such as leaks, wall slides, retainer wall repairs, overflowing water and heating issues, and electrical panel burnouts, taping further into their savings. Considering our own recent surprising dilemmas such as outside rats settling under the water heater and chewing through wires. This affected the electrical timed water output and the whole heating process. Another one was dead electrical panel and freeze danger when the temperatures cascade to unusual low. An ongoing task is the weekly water PH balancing and cleaning the pool from Plant debris. Husband and I are constantly battling the future pool necessity, in our retirement years. He says no matter the small issues, the pool is the blessing to have. I, on the other hand, gravitate towards the natural wonder of the local Florida ocean.


If you’re going to taking on the project of building your very own pool, here are some great tips to help you get it right.


Check That You Have Space

Before you start digging up your backyard, first consider if you have enough space for the pool that you envision. If you like my husband, you are probably already saying yes since you are dead set on enjoying a pool, no matter what the circumstances are. Although, it is critical to evaluate if the pool fits into your landscape. If the pool is going to take up the entire space, you will end up missing the garden after a while and you might come to regret building it. If you are looking forward to having no garden to take care of, then go ahead with the plan. If you still want an outdoor area to relax and entertain guests, then this project is certainly for you.


Keep The Design Simple

Those resort pool features with complicated tile designs and interesting shapes look pretty upscale and it would be great if you could have the same design in your yard. This complex investment is going to push the price up by quite a bit. A simple pool that has a basic tile design is the cheapest option. Don’t bother with water features either, they’re going to be far too expensive to put in. We have travertine stone around the pool. Makes me question the original owner’s decision for such stone around the patio. It gets so slippery when wet, not even mentioning the dust and dirt that settles on top. Yes, it looks pretty, but needs constant maintenance and moreover caution to maneuver around it.


Dark Bottom Pool

Swimming pools, of course, are always lovely and inviting, but if you’ve ever seen a dark bottom pool you’ll know that they have a little something extra, a deep and mysterious and enticing allure that other pools can’t touch. Who could have known that the color of the bottom of a pool could matter so much? A pool with a floor and sides in black or navy or what have you is warmed more easily by the sun, but also, paradoxically, seems cooler and deeper, and its surface reflects the surrounding landscape. I think black or dark pools also look great, compare to the common notion of blue floors. I found this way of building a pool quite innovative. 


Waterproof Your Swimming Pool

All of the pool fitting for the pumps, covers and wall seals to prevent leaks are going to be the obstacles to overcome when it comes to waterproofing the pool. Waterproofing is obviously the most important part if you don’t want to flood the garden or yard. Worse yet, experience the water leak daily by witnessing daily low levels of pool water is not so pleasant.


Boreholes And Wells

Filling the pool uses a lot of water. You will also have to treat water before you put it into the pool. Most people can’t avoid it and that is just the price you pay for having your own pool. But some houses have a borehole or a well in the garden already. It’s worth checking whether you have a borehole on your property already and consider installing one for a cost-effective water source and solution.



Get Decent Pumps And Filters

Pumping water to fill the pool and cycling it to keep it clean is vital unless you want to swim around in a murky dusty pool. That’s why it is wise to research good quality water pumps and filters for your pool. Have a professional install it for ultimate daily function. 


Keep Up With Maintenance

If you follow all of those steps properly, you should end up with a great pool on your property. The pumps and filters you’ve put in will help to clean the water but they will not complete all the hard work for you. Unless you want to swim in the dusty, dirt filled pool, you got to keep up with maintenance. Skimming the pool for leaves could be done every day and scrubbing the sides of the pool at least weekly to stop algae building up. Don’t’ forget to empty the filters from all the dirt they accumulate when you are resting.


Lastly, watch out for critters. Ha! I attest to having: birds, dogs, spiders, frogs, armadillos, and snakes enjoying our pool. Not fun at all catching them and escorting them out to their own habitat.


Hope you stick to these basic rules and you’ll be able to build a great swimming pool for a reasonable price and keep it clean enough to enjoy every single day.


Make it a very refreshing and relaxing day, dear friends.


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26 thoughts on “A Swimming Pool In Your Garden?

  1. As you know, we converted our pool to house all our Koi and Goldfish. It still gets used as a swimming pool when the weather is warm enough. Not by me, I might add, as I am not one for swimming whether it be a pool or a large pond!

    It serves the environment much better as a pond and is a wetland in the middle of suburbia attracting a myriad of garden creatures throughout the year.
    Though for this reason we also have to be on the lookout for the Herons when they are about.

    We’ve experienced a few leaks – several cracks on the steps where the concrete is probably thinnest. We repaired them with Prattly Putty which has worked so far.

    I agree with a dark pool.I wish we could make ours dark as dark colours attract less algae.

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    1. What a great reflection, Ark. Thank you for your input. Good info to know and I will keep in mind Prattly Putty. Oh gosh, I hope we will not need it…we keep refilling the water when it not rains. Ugh…


  2. I find the swimming pool surrounded by the tall hedge and those loverly reflections in the water most appealing and inviting. The pools are useful in regions where there is warm weather for most of the year. Great photos, Luda!

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  3. Swimming pools are fun and great to cool off in the summer heat, you wisely advise of the important necessities of building and running a pool. Today there are salt filters for the pool so you can avoid the chemicals, still they take a lot of cleaning. Oh and uninvited visitors. I went swimming at a neighbours pool and my dog strolled across to find me. She was beside herself and could not contain her desire to go swimming, she loved the beach and jumped straight in. I had a lot of fun trying to get her out, difficult because she just ran and jumped in again. Fab photos and ideas.

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