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Lounging Outside

Alas, the one true haven for the homeowner who wishes to relax, balance and ground all energies is in the garden.



The modern home is full of technologies that beep, buzz and have bright displays. They can be a hindrance to your relaxation and mood sometimes. The living and family room used to be a place where we could relax and then it turned into the hotspot where the family congregates to watch television, talk, play games, lounge around and eat. The bedroom doesn’t have much space to sit back and be alone with your thoughts so perhaps the only place you can go is in the garden. You have the great natural outdoors as your quiet companion and you are spoiled with fresh air, sun rays, and bird songs. There are downsides to this open plan, though. You are exposed to the weather and temperatures, which can make your mind rebalancing, a bit uncomfortable. But, here’s how you can start to make life a little more agreeable to you in your yard.


Remaining dry

There’s nothing like sitting down on a cold soggy seat filled with rainwater to ruin your day and your clothing for that matter. Waterproof cushions for the garden are a great start as they are used for back and neck support while laying back on the lounge chair. This video was super informative to learn more about waterproof furniture, bench or cushions. Turns out there is no such thing. Just take a look at this video with a great demonstration of water absorption in the cushion foam or compressed fiber:

Lounge Chair

When you have time to lounge, you want to just sink into your seat and relax. Forget about correct posture here; when it comes to just relaxing and calming your tension, you need a comfortable chair that allows you to comfortably sink in. Stephen Kenn has designed a bowline chair made of high-quality leather. It has a decline angle so your bottom sits lower than your knees. Together with the ottoman footrest, this combination looks like something to consider on the patio or inside the house. 


Over the feet

Wearing shoes, sandals or boots while laying back trying to relax is counterintuitive. Being restraint free makes the body feels natural, liberated and connected to mother nature. So, take off your shoes and socks the next time you are outside, ground yourself while walking bare feet on the fresh grass. Recharge. Make sure there are no critters that can harm you when you step away on the grass. To keep warm, throw a woolen blanket over your feet when you remain outside to meditate and appreciate nature’s bounty. The blanket preferably should consist of sheep’s wool for ultimate warmth when the outside temperatures take a dive. Keep it out of the sky when you’re not using it to keep it dry.


Have you noticed, the few times we truly appreciate the simple things in life? When you seek solace to recharge your internal batteries, why not come outside. Step into our natural world, away from the busy daily household and dedicate some time to yourself for a change. Nature, garden, fresh air, new energy, and this beautiful earth will be your true savior.  


Make it a very relaxing day,  my dear friends.


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38 thoughts on “Lounging Outside

  1. I crave sitting out in my garden most days. I really only get that opportunity Saturday evenings. I’m going to retire next year, and then I will tackle the garden plans I have been dreaming about.

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      1. thought you might enjoy this: about half-dozen chickadees descended upon my yard in the late afternoon hopping from the salvia bushes to my hibiscus – with me sitting four feet away. Stayed a good 15 minutes back n forth.

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      2. Awwww/ this is so precious ! Just imagining all these tiny birds jumping in your yard takes one’s spirit to the new heights. How sweet – and they were not bothered by human site ! Thank you , Notdonner for this lovely share !! ☀️🌿☀️


  2. Great post on finding relaxation in the garden, Luda! Following your precious advice people should learn to leave their cell phones and other distracting technology, where they belong, in the house and NOT in the garden. Have a relaxing Sunday!

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  3. It’s a good thing my lounging furniture outside doesn’t let me see all the gardening work I need to do! I just look at the trees and river. Thanks for reminding us to take time to relax. This is a wonderful time of year to be outdoors!

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